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Parents Gone Wild! Ahmed Hussein Ibrahim beat his 8-month-old daughter, Nawal Hussein, to death with a video game controller; He only got 12 years in prison

stand up for children

Burien man arrested in connection with infant’s death
Washington state dad obsessed with video game Destiny beats 8-month-old daughter to death with Xbox controller
Burien man arrested in death of 8-month-old daughter
Charges: Accused child killer called ‘brutal,’ ‘sadistic’
Burien father gets 12 years for beating his baby to death
Dad who killed little daughter: ‘My demons came out’

Ahmed Ibrahim
Ahmed Hussein Ibrahim

Parents Gone Wild! Juan Antonio Gonzalez charged with the murder of his 4-month-old daughter, Harlow Gonzalez

stand up for children

Harlow Gonzalez
Harlow Gonzalez

Miami Man Charged With Killing Baby Girl
North Miami-Dade father beat his fussy baby daughter to death, police say
Father faces murder charge in infant’s death
North Miami-Dade Dad Beat Infant Daughter to Death: MDPD
Father faces 1st-degree murder charge in death of Miami-Dade infant
Fla. father faces 1st-degree murder charge in infant’s death

Juan Antonio Gonzalez
Juan Antonio Gonzalez

Parents Gone Wild! Ruben Garcia stabbed his baby, Kairii Dailey, to death, along with Paul Kucharczyk; Sentenced to life in prison

child abuse prevention

Dailey and Kucharczyk

Kairii Dailey, 5 months
Paul Kucharczyk, 39

Kairii E. Dailey obituary
Paul M. “Little Bear” Kucharczyk obituary
Facebook: RIP Kairii Dailey and Paul Kucharczyk
gofundme: Expenses for Alexia & Kairii Dailey
Five-month-old baby girl, 39-year-old man stabbed to death near 39th and Clybourn
Man charged in stabbing deaths of baby daughter, another man
Milwaukee man charged in quadruple stabbing
The family of stabbing victims speaks out
Milwaukee man kissed baby daughter before killing her, charges say
“It’s hard to deal with:” Baby Kairii Dailey, Paul Kucharczyk remembered after deadly stabbing incident
Defendant pleads guilty to killing baby, man in Milwaukee
Guilty: 21-year-old Ruben Garcia, accused in deaths of his baby & 39-year-old man makes a plea
Jury trial begins as to mental state of Ruben Garcia, accused of stabbing two people to death
Jury rules on mental state of Ruben Garcia, convicted in two stabbing deaths
Man who killed own infant gets life in prison
Ruben Garcia sentenced to life in prison for stabbing deaths of two people
Websleuths: WI – Kairii Dailey, 5 mos, & Paul Kucharczyk, 39, murdered, Milwaukee, 23 Jan 2015

Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia

Parents Gone Wild! Gregory D. Miles charged with the scalding death of his 1-year-old stepson, Noah Rudder

Say NO to Child Abuse

1600 block of Aster
1600 block of Aster Calumet City

Calumet City police investigate 1-year-old boy’s death as a homicide
Calumet City Baby Dies After Being Scalded In Bath Water: Police
Person arrested in Calumet City baby’s death from scalding bath
Illinois man accused of murdering 1-year-old stepson
Calumet City man charged with murder of one-year-old stepson
Stepfather held on $1M bail in scalding death of child

Gregory Miles
Gregory Miles

The murders of Ariana & Tyler Payne – where is Tyler Payne’s body?

Ariana and Tyler PayneBetween March 2006-September 2006, 4-year-old Tyler and 3-year-old Ariana Payne suffered like no child should, especially at the hands of a parent. They were beaten and starved and thrown away. I do not understand how a parent can just throw away their children. Unfortunately, it seems to happen everyday. These children were thrown into a landfill. On this day in 2007, Ariana’s body was found in a plastic bin in a storage unit. Sadly, Tyler’s body has never been found. Christopher Payne has given several stories as to where his body is from the landfill (and same tub, but that was a flat-out lie) to Gates Pass in the Tucson Mountains. Apparently he does not know how to tell the truth, even to save himself. He has been sentenced to death for the murders of his children. He knows how much it hurts the children’s mother, Jamie Hallam, to not know where her child’s body it. She cannot come to peace without knowing this information. (No, she cannot have closure because closure is a myth). Her pain is evident when listening to her talk. I am sure it gives him satisfaction to know this.

For those who know Jamie or the children, their lives are still torn apart with this pain. To find Tyler’s body is a priority and will be until he is found and united with his little sister, Ariana.

Facebook: Where is Tyler Payne?
Parents Gone Wild! Christopher Payne and his girlfriend, Reina Gonzales, killed his children, Ariana & Tyler Payne; Christopher is now on death row, but Tyler’s body has not been found

Parents Gone Wild! Tonya Slaton charged with the murder of her sonQuincy Jamar Davis, whose remains were found in the trunk of her car, 10 years after he disappeared

Say NO to Child Abuse

Quincy Davis2
Quincy Davis

How did Quincy Davis vanish, and no one noticed for 11 years?
Richmond woman charged with son’s murder months after remains found in trunk
Virginia woman charged with murder of son found in trunk
Virginia mom charged with murder when son’s remains found in car after 10 years
Virginia mom charged with son’s murder after remains were found in her car — more than 10 years after he was last seen alive
Brother of boy whose body was found in mom’s car speaks
Police: Virginia woman charged after body found during traffic stop
Documents: Boy likely dead a decade before body found in mother’s car

Tonya Slaton
Tonya Slaton

Tucson, AZ murder-suicide: Levi Parker killed his two young daughters, MacKenzie Lee Parker and Haylee Parker, and then killed himself

Say NO to Child Abuse

Mackenzie and Hayee Parker
Mackenzie and Hayee Parker

Sheriff: Dad kills own daughters in Tucson home
Sheriff: Father kills two young daughters in foothills murder-suicide
Father who shot, killed two young daughters dies
Tucson man fatally shoots daughters, then himself
Tucson man fatally shoots daughters, then himself

Levi Parker
Levi Parker


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