Parents Gone Wild! Brandy K. Jaynes charged with child abuse when her 12-year-old son is found locked in a bathroom – for at least 1 year – weighed 30 pounds

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This woman is a piece of work. She is charged with child abuse, having locked her 12-year-old son in the bathroom for at least a year. WTF! However, get this – she is complaining about the conditions in jail! Jail is not a hotel. It is not supposed to be comfortable. Has she even thought how her son may have felt in his jail cell? She gets more benefits than he did. At least she gets a bed/cot to sleep in, 3 meals a day, a real shower, clean clothes, and so much more. I am floored by her narcissistic thoughts and behavior.

‘Heinous’ condition of 12-year-old boy leads to mother’s arrest
Police: 12-year-old boy locked in bathroom for at least a year
Southern Utah mom arrested after son found emaciated, in ‘deplorable’ conditions
Utah mother charged after 12-year-old was found weighing 30 pounds
Police: 12-year-old boy locked in bathroom for at least a year
Mother allegedly locked emaciated boy in bathroom for 2 years
The ‘heinous’ case of a child whose mother allegedly kept him locked in a bathroom for months
Jaynes denied bail reduction, husband also charged with child abuse
Father of emaciated boy now faces child abuse charge
Defense: 30-pound 12-year-old locked in bathroom might be autistic
Utah mother charged with two more counts of child abuse after her 12-year-old was found weighing 30 pounds
Toquerville mother facing new charges in case of severely abused son
Attorney: Jaynes’ jail conditions are ‘torture’
She locked her son in a filthy bathroom for years, police say. Now she says jail is ‘torture.’

Brandy K. Jaynes
Russell Orin Jaynes – not in jail



Offender Name: JAYNES, BRANDY K
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 36
Race: White


Parents Gone Wild! Krystle Villanueva charged with capital murder in the stabbing death and mutilation of her 5-year-old daughter, Giovanna Larae Hernandez

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Giovanna La”Rae Hernandez

Giovanna La’Rae Hernandez obituary
Kyle mother charged in ‘horrific’ homicide
Sheriff: Central Texas woman ‘mutilated’ 5-year-old daughter during altercation with relative
Mother charged with capital murder of five-year-old girl
Sheriff: Woman killed daughter, 5, in one of Hays County’s ‘worst’ cases
Documents show Texas mother accused in 5-year-old’s killing has history of drug use, mental illness
Texas woman accused of mutilating 5-year-old daughter, stabbing her to death
Family says goodbye to 5-year-old Giovanna Hernandez at Buda church
5-year-old killed in Kyle laid to rest, mother in custody

Krystle Villanueva

Parents Gone Wild! Ming Ming Chen and Liang Zhao charged with the murder of their daughter, Ashley Zhao

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Ashley Zhao

Parents of dead 5-year-old charged with her murder
Missing Ohio Girl Found Dead in Family’s Chinese Restaurant, Parents Charged
Parents charged in death of missing 5-year-old Ohio girl
Autopsy scheduled for 5-year-old Ashley Zhao
Missing Ohio 5-year-old found dead in family business; parents arrested
Mother of 5-year-old North Canton girl charged with murder, father with complicity
Parents charged after dead girl found “concealed” in family’s restaurant
Mom beats kid, leaves her to die in family’s Chinese restaurant
‘It rips your heart out’: Jackson Township police chief talks about horrific ending to search for girl
$5M bond set for parents charged in Ashley Zhao’s death
OH – Ashley Zhao, 5, Jackson Township, 10 Jan 2017 *Arrests*

Liang Zhao and Ming Ming Chen

Parents Gone Wild! Sara Packer, along with her boyfriend, Jacob Sullivan, are charged with the torture and murder of her daughter, Grace Packer

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Grace Packer

Memorial for Murdered Montgomery County 14-Year-Old Grace Packer
Adoptive Father of Montgomery County Teen Found Dead in Woods: ‘I Wish I Knew’ Who Killed Her
Bucks, Montgomery DAs: Mom of dead Abington girl charged with endangerment, deemed person of interest in child’s homicide
Missing Pa. teen was found dismembered; adoptive mom called “person of interest”
Bucks DA on Grace Packer homicide: ‘To them she was, unfortunately, a disposable child’
An arrest and allegations of a rape-murder fantasy in Abington teen’s dismemberment
‘Rape-murder fantasy’ has mom, man charged in teen’s killing
Mother, boyfriend arrested in murder of teen whose body was found in Bear Creek Township
Man Rapes, Kills Teen Girl, Victim’s Mom Helps Him Dismember Body: Police
Bucks DA: Abington teen’s killing result of mom and boyfriend’s ‘rape-murder fantasy’



DOB: 01/15/1975
BCP #: 121822
Offender Name: PACKER, SARA
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 41
Location: Bucks County DOC
Race: White
Contact Facility: Bucks County DOC



DOB: 12/12/1972
BCP #: 121817
Offender Name: SULLIVAN, JACOB
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 44
Location: Bucks County DOC
Race: White
Contact Facility: Bucks County DOC

Parents Gone Wild! Ok Kum Burns stabbed her 3-year-old son, Joshua, to death then tried to commit suicide; Sentenced to 1-15 years in prison

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Layton woman is arrested in stabbing death of her son
Term of boy’s slayer reduced to 15 years
Woman who killed son to get alimony
Murder, she wrote?

Parents Gone Wild! Jennifer Laber shot & killed her 2 sons, Adam & Ethan, then killed herself; Motive appears to be that she was battling depression

dv awareness


Adam Laber, 3
Ethan Laber, 5

Ethan and Adam Laber obituary
Ryan Laber speaks wife’s final words at memorial for her and 2 sons
Highlands Ranch father remembers two young sons found dead
Jennifer Marie Laber obituary
Colorado mother, two young sons found dead in minivan in possible murder-suicide
Mysterious disappearance of mother and her two sons leads to ‘horrific ending’
Missing Colorado mom, two young sons, found dead in their parked minivan
Colorado Mother Gave 2 Young Sons Drugs Before Fatally Shooting Them, Killing Herself: Coroner
Death of Highlands Ranch mom, 2 sons ruled murder-suicide; boys had painkillers in systems
Autopsy: Highlands Ranch boys killed by own mother in murder-suicide had painkillers in systems
Husband of woman who killed sons, herself opens up about wife’s depression in Facebook post
‘She had a sickness’: Ryan Laber says wife was struggling with depression
Death of Highlands Ranch mom, kids spotlights often-invisible threat of depression

Jennifer Laber

Parents Gone Wild! Latisha Fisher charged with the murder of her 20-month-old son, Gavriel Ortiz-Fisher

stand up for children

Gavriel Ortiz-Fisher

Mother accused of murdering her toddler son in burger joint bathroom held without bail at hospital arraignment
Mom: I killed my son because ‘someone was going to eat him’
Mother Charged With Second-Degree Murder In Death Of Toddler At Midtown Restaurant
Mother charged with murder in death of 20-month-old son in Midtown restaurant
Mom charged with kid’s death at Midtown restaurant is schizophrenic, received positive psychiatric review 6
Woman Smothered Son, 1, in Manhattan Restroom, Prosecutors Say
Mom pleads not guilty to killing toddler in bathroom of Manhattan restaurant
Mom accused of killing 1-year-old son rejects plea deals



NYSID: 09618550L
Year of Birth: 1979
Sex: Female
Race: Black
Height: 5 ft 5 inches
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Nativity: New York
Booking Information Incarceration 08-APR-2015
Book & Case Number: 7011500012
Current Housing Facility: RMSC (Rose M. Singer Center)
Arrest Date: 31-MAR-2015
Arrest Number: M15623263-Y
Next Court Date: 19-DEC-2016
Bail Status: remanded

Charge Information
Docket: 2015NY020214
Indictment: 01275/2015
Court Part: 32
Court Name: Manhattan Supr. Ct.
Charge: 121.12 FD ( D Felony)

Docket: 2015NY000000
Indictment: 02850/2015
Court Part: 32
Court Name: Manhattan Supr. Ct.
Charge: 125.25 FA (MURDER A Felony)

Docket: 2011NY000000
Indictment: 04531/2011
Court Part: 32
Court Name: Manhattan Supr. Ct.
Charge: VOPB YT

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