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Parents Gone Wild! Rodger Anthony Nesto charged with child abuse for allegedly beating his 2-month-old daughter

stand up for children

Fife Lake Man Accused of Abusing Two-Month-Old Daughter
Man accused of abusing 2-month-old baby
Bond set at $1M for father accused of abusing two-month-old
Father jailed on $1M bond in infant’s alleged abuse

Rodger Nesto
Rodger Nesto

Parents Gone Wild! Tradezsha Bibbs charged with capital murder in the death of her 5-month-old daughter, Brielle Robinson

stand up for children

Brielle Robinson
Brielle Robinson

Houston mother accused of fatally beating infant daughter
Harris County woman, 22, charged with capital murder in death of 5-month-old daughter
Woman charged with capital murder in infant daughter’s death
Mother accused of killing crying 5-month-old daughter
Texas woman charged in death of 5-month-old daughter
Texas woman charged in death of infant daughter
Facebook: Tradezsha Bibbs
Tradezsha Bibbs Twitter

Tradezsha Bibbs
Tradezsha Bibbs

Parents Gone Wild! Convicted sex offender Matthew Allen Burry charged with the murder of his 7-week-old son, Dominic

stand up for children

Dominic Burry
Dominic Burry

Dominic Michael Allen Burry obituary
Westminster man charged in death of 7-week-old son, wife defends him
Westminster man charged with abuse in death of infant son
Westminster man charged in death of infant son
Charges Filed Against Westminster Man Accused Of Killing His 7-Week-Old Son
Father accused of killing his baby boy is registered sex offender
Matthew Burry’s Wife Defends Sex Offender Accused of Fatal Child Abuse
Woman Defends Husband Who Killed Infant Son
Matthew Allen Burry Registered Sex Offender

Matthew Burry
Matthew Burry

Parents Gone Wild! Anna Ritchie charged with killing her 4-year-old stepson, Austin Derrick Cooper, from a 135-degree bath

stand up for children

Austin Cooper
Austin Derrick Cooper

Funeral services today for Franklin boy
Mother speaks after her son killed in scalding water
Death of Franklin boy ruled a homicide
Murder charge after child dies from 135-degree bath
Anna Ritchie charged with murder (has copy of charging documents)
Cops: Stepmom who scalded boy as punishment charged with murder
Four year old dies after stepmom punishes him by dipping him in scalding water
Anna Ritchie facing murder charge in scalding death
Detective: Franklin stepmom held child in hot water for 25 minutes
Police: Stepmom of scalded boy who died tried to hide burns

Anna Ritchie
Anna Ritchie

Parents Gone Wild! Latasha Wilson pled guilty to killing her newborn son; Sentencing will be 4/29/2016

stand up for children

Wilson memorials

Warrensburg community gathers for vigil in honor of baby left in cave
Following autopsy, police release one additional detail about body of baby found in Warrensburg cave
Missouri woman accused of killing newborn, leaving body in cave
Woman charged with murder after allegedly delivering baby in toilet, leaving him in Warrensburg cave
Two charged in regards to baby found in Warrensburg, Mo. cave
Suspect describes abandoning infant’s body
Ex-WalMart worker, 21, admits letting her baby drown after giving birth in a toilet at work before hiding the infant’s body in a cave and trying to burn it
Wilson pleads guilty in baby’s death
Missouri mom pleads guilty in death of newborn found in cave

Wilson and Carter

Latasha Wilson – pled guilty
Zakary Carter – pled guilty to tampering w/ evidence; sentenced to 30 days in jail and 5 years probation

Parents Gone Wild! Bridgette Morgan “Micki” Smith is the person of interest in the finding of 2 sets of infant remains found

stand up for children

102 Hartley Drive
102 Hartley Drive Smithfield NC

Infant remains found under Smithfield home
Warrant: Remains of child found in multiple bags under Smithfield house
Remains of child found in multiple bags at North Carolina house
Smithfield police confirm bags found under house held infant remains
Police say remains under Smithfield house were of two infants
Woman is ‘person of interest’ after infant body parts found under Smithfield home
Family searches for woman after infant remains found under Smithfield home
Sister-in-law: Woman wanted in infant remains case ‘needs to turn herself in’

Bridgette Smith
Bridgette Smith

Parents Gone Wild! Angela Alexie gave birth to her son, then left him in the garage to die; Sentenced to life in prison

stand up for children

Baby Henry funeral
Baby Henry’s funeral

Baby boy died cold and alone — discarded with the trash
Prosecutor in baby’s death: Child ‘a dirty little secret’
Prosecutor: Woman Let Newborn Die In Garage
Angela Alexie found guilty of murder in death of newborn left in trash
Eastpointe mom guilty in newborn’s death
Angela Alexie found guilty of killing newborn son left in garage
Eastpointe mom in newborn’s death: ‘I’m sorry’
Michigan woman whose baby died in garage gets life in prison
Woman Who Left Newborn To Die In Cold Garage Gets Mandatory Life In Prison

Angela Alexie
Angela Alexie


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