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    December 10: 1994: Darrel Cooley was shot several time in Jethroe’s Steakhouse in Erie, PA. Vance Haskell was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Curtis Mathis convicted of being an accomplice, sentenced to 3-7 years in prison.

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Psycho For Love: Marco Jamal Holmes charged for the murder of his girlfriend, Tonja Chadwick

dv awareness

Tonja Chadwick

Vigil To Be Held In Honor Of Young Woman Found Dead In Park
Police, family look for answers in case of missing mother
Baltimore police searching for missing 20-year-old woman
Baltimore police search for woman, boyfriend
Baltimore Police say body of Tonja Chadwick found, death investigated as homicide
Police identify body as missing Baltimore mother, say boyfriend is ‘person of interest’ in killing
Police Looking For Person Of Interest In Woman’s Death, Aunt Speaks Out
Body found in Daisy Park is missing woman Tonja Chadwick
Neighbor of murdered Baltimore woman: I saw her with unknown men
MD – Tonja Chadwick, 20, Baltimore, 28 January 2017
Boyfriend of Tonja Chadwick charged in her death
Boyfriend Charged With Murder In Young Mother’s Death
Baltimore Police charge boyfriend of woman found slain in park with murder

Marco Jamal Holmes


Psycho For Love: Vincente Roldan-Marron charged with the murder of his wife, Yadira Gomez

dv awareness

Yadira Gomez

Homicide investigation underway in Independence
Man charged in wife’s death after children tell teachers their mother was killed
Independence siblings tell teachers that dad stabbed mom to death, prosecutors say
Independence man who says he can’t remember killing his wife charged with her death
These kids heard their parents fighting. The next day, they told teachers their mom was dead
Man kills wife, then takes kids to school
Worship leader remembered at church where couple received counseling before husband allegedly stabbed wife
Children who reported mom’s stabbing death at school get help from police, community
Missouri kids tell teachers dad stabbed mom to death, authorities say

Vincente Roldan-Marron

Psycho For Love: James Filiaggi killed his ex-wife, Lisa Rachelle Huff; Executed on 4/24/2007

dv awarenessFrom Filiaggi’s appeal: On January 24, 1994, defendant took a $1,000 cash advance on his Visa card. He left $600 to $700 with his girlfriend, Tracey Jones. At approximately
10:45 p.m., the Lorain Police Department dispatcher received a call from Ms. Filiaggi. The call was tape-recorded. Ms. Filiaggi told the dispatcher that her ex-husband, defendant, was at her back door and was breaking into her house. Defendant broke down the door and entered the house. Still carrying the telephone, Ms. Filiaggi fled out the front door. A neighbor, Robert Mutnansky, who lived two doors away, saw Ms. Filiaggi standing in the yard of the intervening neighbor and frantically looking around. Another neighbor was awakened by someone screaming, “God help me, someone, please, help me, he’s going to kill me.” Ms. Filiaggi saw Mutnansky looking out the window and ran towards his front door. He let her in, and Ms. Filiaggi told him that her ex-husband was after her with a gun. She looked petrified and ran past him while Mutnansky locked the door behind her.

lisa-filiaggMoments later, Mutnansky heard a couple of bangs on the door and the door came crashing in. Defendant had a gun in his hand and asked Mutnansky where she went. Mutnansky said he did not know, and defendant told Mutnansky to help find her. They both started down the hallway. When they came to a linen closet, with the door partially open, defendant opened the door and found Ms. Filiaggi. Defendant was very angry and pulled Ms. Filiaggi from the closet by the arm and swung her into the bathroom, which was across the hall from the closet. There was a struggle. Mutnansky heard defendant tell Ms. Filiaggi, “This will teach you to fuck with me,” and then heard two shots fired.

Although shot in the shoulder, Ms. Filiaggi was able to get away and run across the hallway into one of the bedrooms. Mutnansky, standing partially in one of the bedrooms, was pleading with defendant not to shoot her. Mutnansky was in another bedroom and defendant told Mutnansky to close the bedroom door and stay out. Mutnansky again heard defendant tell Ms. Filiaggi, “This will teach you not to fuck with me” and heard two more shots. Mutnansky then heard footsteps down the hallway. Mutnansky came out of the bedroom and saw Ms. Filiaggi slumped against the wall. She had been shot in the head. Mutnansky attempted to call 911, but noticed a policeman coming through his front door.

Find-A-Grave: Lisa Rachelle Huff
Killer who terrorized and shot his ex-wife is facing execution
Killer says he’s ready for execution Filiaggi discusses shooting ex-wife
State of Ohio v James Filiaggi 1999 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Ohio executes by lethal injection man who killed ex-wife
James J. Filiaggi #1071
Murderpedia: James J. Filiaggi

Your Worst Nightmare: Domestic Disturbance

James Filiaggi

Deadly Women: Lia Tricomo killed her roommate, John Alkins, because she said he was “creepy”; Sentenced to 29 years in prison


John Alkins

John Philip “Brother John” Alkins obituary
Woman arrested in Thurston County homicide
Woman with mental health problems accused of murdering former counselor
Olympia woman pleads guilty in 2013 murder
Woman says she killed former counselor because ‘he was a creep’
Olympia woman to serve 29 years, 9 months for murder of former BHR counselor
State of Washington v Lia Vera Tricomo 2016 (conviction and sentence affirmed)

Forbidden: Dying for Love: Therapy on Ice



DOC Number: 348594
Offender Name: TRICOMO, LIA Y
Age: 31
Race: Asian
Location: Washington Corrections Center for Women

Parents Gone Wild! Robert Emmett Filippi wanted revenge against his wife for their divorce, so he killed their 2 daughters

stand up for children

Lindsey Filippi, 2
Nicole Filippi, 4

Friends mourn deaths of `our little angels’
Arrested In Daughters’ Killings
Mother of slain girls seeks to block money for defense
Md. Father Charged in Children’s Slayings
MD dad charged with killing kids
Md. Father Pleads Guilty in Girls’ Slayings
Japanese mom struggles with loss in U.S.

Maryland’s Most Notorious Murders 1990-2008


Last Name: FILIPPI
First Name: ROBERT
Middle Name: EMMETT
Date of Birth: 07/03/1958
DOC ID: 313787
Holding Facility: Jessup Correctional Institution

Parents Gone Wild! Zarah Coombs charged with killing he 4-year-old son, Zamair after he dropped an egg

stand up for children

Zamair Coombs

Police Charge Mother With Murder In Death Of 4-Year-Old Brooklyn Boy
Bruised Body of 4-Year-Old Boy Found in Submerged Storage Bin in Brooklyn Basement: Police
Mom charged after 4-year-old boy found dead in makeshift bathtub in Brownsville, Brooklyn
Brooklyn day care worker beats her 4-year-old son to death with stick for dropping egg on floor
Mother charged in death of Brooklyn boy
Mom tells cops she beat toddler son to death with broomstick
Parents shocked Brooklyn day care worker they left their kids with killed her 4-year-old son
Brooklyn mother charged with murder after 4-year-old’s death ruled a homicide




Psycho For Love: James D. Martin tried to kill his wife, boxer Christy Martin, after she told him she was leaving him for another woman; Sentenced to 25 years in prison

dv awareness

Christy Martin

Christy Martin claws back after being stabbed, shot, left to die
Christy Martin, Boxer, Takes Another Shot
Christy Martin acknowledges loveless marriage, lesbian affair as March 12 comeback fight looms
Bisexual Boxer Christy Martin’s Attempted Murder
Prosecutor tells jurors about ‘biggest fight of Christy Martin’s life’
Pictures: Jim Martin’s attempted murder trial
Boxer Christy Martin testifies: ‘He shot me’
Boxer Christy Martin’s ex guilty of attempted murder
James Martin gets 25 years for trying to kill boxer Christy Martin
Christy Martin & Ex-Husband/Former Trainer Interviewed in Prison Discussing Alleged Murder Attempt
Wikipedia: Christy Martin (boxer)

Forbidden: Dying for Love: Million Dollar Christy



DC Number: X78664
Eye Color: BLUE
Height: 5’09”
Weight: 194 lbs.
Birth Date: 12/05/1943
Initial Receipt Date: 07/06/2012
Current Facility: GRACEVILLE C.F.
Current Custody: CLOSE
Current Release Date: 11/22/2035



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