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News Archive: Aurora Movie Massacre

Veronica Moser Sullivan, 6 (top row)
Rebecca Wingo, 32 (top row)
Alex Teves, 24 (top row)
Alex Sullivan, 27 (top row)
Micayla Medek, 23 (top row)
Matt McQuinn, 27 (top row)
Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class John Thomas Larimer, 27 (bottom row)
Jessica Ghawi, 24 (bottom row)
Air Force Staff Sgt. Jesse Childress, 29 (bottom row)
A.J. Boik, 18 (bottom row)
Jonathan Blunk, 26 (bottom row)
Gordon Cowden, 51 (bottom row)

Movie Massacre: James Holmes in custody for shooting at The Dark Knight Rises; 12 dead, at least 50 wounded
Update: Aurora Movie Massacre: James Holmes has first court appearance; Also, gunman’s gun club membership denied
Update: Aurora Movie Massacre *James Holmes convicted, sentencing phase will now start*

James Holmes conviction
James Holmes


Update: Aurora Movie Massacre *James Holmes convicted, sentenced to life plus 3318 years in prison*

Veronica Moser Sullivan, 6 (top row)
Rebecca Wingo, 32 (top row)
Alex Teves, 24 (top row)
Alex Sullivan, 27 (top row)
Micayla Medek, 23 (top row)
Matt McQuinn, 27 (top row)
Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class John Thomas Larimer, 27 (bottom row)
Jessica Ghawi, 24 (bottom row)
Air Force Staff Sgt. Jesse Childress, 29 (bottom row)
A.J. Boik, 18 (bottom row)
Jonathan Blunk, 26 (bottom row)
Gordon Cowden, 51 (bottom row)

News Archive: Aurora Movie Massacre
Trial and highlights
What are the charges James Holmes is facing?
James Holmes murder trial includes gruesome evidence, tears
Aurora officers describe arresting James Holmes
Defense rests in James Holmes trial
James Holmes murder trial: Case goes to the jury
James Holmes guilty of murder in Aurora theater shooting
Wikipedia: 2012 Aurora shooting
Wikipedia: James Eagan Holmes

Theater shooter Holmes gets 12 life sentences, plus 3,318 years

Colorado movie gunman James Holmes moved out of state after prison fight
James Holmes serving life sentence outside Colorado
Inside the Prison Assault on Aurora Theater Shooter James Holmes

James Holmes conviction
James Holmes

Deadly Duo: Paul C. White and Cleo S. Hines robbed and killed insurance agent Bob Eidman

From Paul Curtis White’s appeal: Viewed favorably to the verdict, the evidence established that Eidman was shot and killed at around 11 am on June 8, 2007. Eidman’s wallet was missing from his back pocket, and he had 3 gunshot wounds: a graze wound to the chin; a neck wound caused by a shot fired less than two feet away, which could have been fatal; and a fatal gunshot wound to the head that went through his eye and out the back of his skull. The shot through Eidman’s eye occurred when the victim was on his back with the shooter standing over him and firing at close range. There was no evidence of any other injuries or signs of struggle. All three shots had been fired from the same gun. There were two more unfired bullets on the floor, possibly resulting from the gun having jammed. The wallet and gun were never found.

Bob EidmanSurveillance video from a neighboring business showed that a Ford Focus with two people inside had driven past the insurance office twice at 10:50 and 10:54 am on the day of the murder. Several months after the crime, White and Hines were pulled over in a Ford Focus that belonged to Hines. In March of 2010, investigators matched White’s DNA to a swab from inside the victim’s back pocket. The DNA match and the traffic stop led detectives to begin investigating White and Hines for this murder.

White was brought in for questioning multiple times between September of 2010 and June of 2012, and portions of those recorded interviews were played at trial. During the first two interviews, White denied all involvement in the crime and refused to believe the detective when he told White that they had found his DNA on the victim’s clothes. About two weeks later, White was interviewed again. Initially, he again denied any involvement, but ultimately—after discussing the hypothetical possibility that he might be guilty of something less than murder—he admitted that he and Hines committed the robbery together. He explained that he had not wanted to admit to this, but when he heard what Hines and the media had been saying about what happened, he decided to confess.

White told the following story with varying degrees of consistency. White had lost money at the casino early on the morning of the crime. He and Hines, his roommate, needed money and decided to rob people who were cashing checks at Walmart. In one version, White said they abandoned that plan because there were too many cameras at 2 Walmart. Later, he said he saw a man cash a check and sent Hines to get the gun from their house, but by the time he returned, the man had already left. In any case, after aborting the Walmart plan, White suggested they rob his insurance agent instead. He knew there would be cash in Eidman’s office because White and his wife had gone there and made a cash payment to him a little over two months before. White told Hines that Eidman would recognize him. During the first interview, White claimed that he and Hines wore ski masks they had stolen from Walmart. Later, he said they bought bandanas at Walmart and wore those over their faces. There was evidence at trial that Walmart does not stock ski masks in June, but does carry bandanas all year. White tried to explain that by “ski mask” he was only referring generally to having their faces covered. The State argued that the story about masks was a ruse to convince the jury that they only intended to rob Eidman and, therefore, needed to protect their identities.

White said that after leaving Walmart, he and Hines drove to Eidman’s office, drove around the building once, and then entered the office. White saw Eidman sitting at his desk, and they demanded money. In one version, White said Eidman tried to open the drawer where he kept the cash, and then White took the victim’s wallet out of his back pocket. Later, White said that first Eidman claimed there was no money, then White took his wallet and then at some point later White tried opening the desk drawer. White claimed that he started to leave the office after taking his wallet. At some point, Hines fired a shot that gave Eidman a bloody lip. When Eidman denied having any more
money, Hines shot him again and he fell to the floor. White asked Hines if he was dead, and Hines shot Eidman again. White admitted that the gun was his and said that he and Hines split the $300 they got from Eidman’s wallet. He said different things at different
times about how they discarded the evidence.

Robert L. Eidman obituary
Two men charged in connection with Mo. insurance agent’s murder
Cleo Hines indicted on capital murder in Robert Eidman slaying
Testimony opens in 2007 slaying of St. Charles insurance agent
Man found guilty in murder of St. Charles County insurance agent
Man who murdered St. Charles insurance agent sentenced to two life terms
Defendant pleads guilty in St. Charles murder case
Cleo Hines Sentenced to Life in 2007 MO Slaying of Robert Eidman
State of Missouri v Paul Curtis White 2014 (affirmed)

Nightmare Next Door: Risky Business

Cleo Hines – pled guilty, sentenced to life in prison
Paul White – convicted, sentenced to LWOP


CleoHines prison mug

DOC Id 1021930
Offender Name Cleo Hines
Race Black
Sex Male
Date of Birth 01/30/1979
Height/Weight 5’8″ / 163
Hair/Eyes Black /Brown
Assigned Location Potosi Correctional Center
Address 11593 State Highway O, Mineral Point, MO 63660
Assigned Officer Phone Number (573) 438-6000
Sentence Summary Life (Life, Life CC)
Completed Offenses Completed sentence not found
Aliases Ciero Hines; Cieo Hines; Cleo Scott Hines; Cieo S Hines; Cleo Hines


PaulWhite prison mug

DOC Id 507232
Offender Name Paul C White
Race Black
Sex Male
Date of Birth 10/15/1976
Height/Weight 5’9″ / 199
Hair/Eyes Black /Brown
Assigned Location Jefferson City Correctional Center
Address 8200 No More Victims, Jefferson City, MO 65101
Assigned Officer Phone Number (573) 751-3224
Sentence Summary Life W/O Parole {(6, 6, 5, 5, 5 CC) Life W/O, Life CS}
Completed Offenses Completed sentence not found
Aliases Paul C White; Paul C White; Paul Curtis White; Paul White

Deadly Wives: Susan Polk stabbed her husband, Dr. Frank “Felix” Polk, to death; Sentenced to 16 years to life in prison


Felix Polk

Mother Vs. Son In Murder Trial
Wife of slain therapist says he abused her
Susan Polk Begins Defense
Susan Polk Found Guilty
Orinda woman, sentenced to 16 years to life for murder of husband, will appeal
Why did Susan Polk kill her husband?
Cosby exclusive: Rita 1-on-1 with Susan Polk
Therapist’s Wife, Susan Polk, Files Appeal In Murder Conviction
Susan Polk’s murder conviction upheld
State of California vs. Susan Polk
Murderpedia: Susan Mae Polk
Wikipedia: Susan Polk

Seduced by Madness Intl: The True Story of the Susan Polk Murder Case
Final Analysis

Blood Relatives: At the Stroke of Madness
Susan Polk case: murder or self-defense


Susan Polk

CDCR#: X23159
Age: 57
Admission Date: 02/27/2007
Current Location: Women’s Institution
16756 Chino-Corona Road
Corona, CA 92880
(909) 597-1771

Monsters Among Us: Antoine Watkins charged with the murder of 13-month-old Dillan Harris, after hitting him with his car during a chase with police

Dillan Harris,
Dillan Harris

Man charged with fatally striking toddler while fleeing shooting
Antoine Watkins charged with murder for running down 1-year-old Dillan Harris
Man Charged With Running Over Toddler While Fleeing Fatal Shooting
‘I tried my best to save my baby’ — mom of baby killed in stroller by fleeing car on South Side
‘You killed my baby!’ relative shouts at court hearing in fatal crash

Antoine Watkins
Antoine Watkins

Fidenzo Urcino murder 7/11/2015 West Valley City, UT *Two men, David Candelario and Xavier Anderson, have been arrested for his murder*

Fidenzo Urcino
Fidenzo Urcino

Man critically injured in SLC stabbing
Man stabbed to death West Valley City
West Valley City police investigating homicide after man stabbed multiple times
Police ID stabbing victim, still searching for attacker
2 arrested after deadly weekend stabbing
Suspect in fatal WVC stabbing turns himself in, police say; booked into jail on homicide charge
Police identify man stabbed to death, still looking for attacker
Man arrested in stabbing that killed Salt Lake man

Urcino suspects

David Lois Candelario
Xavier Anderson – charged with obstruction of justice

Karen Gregory murder 5/23/1984 Gulport, FL *Neighbor, George Lewis, convicted, sentenced to life in prison*

Karen Gregory
Karen Gregory

Find-A-Grave: Karen Gregory
POMC: Karen Gregory
Firefighter accused in 1984 murder
Echos of murder victim’s scream’s still linger in Gulfport
Reporter Unravels Story Of Murder, Vulnerability
Firefighter convicted
Jury recommends life sentence for murderer of Gulfport woman
A cry in the night: Can technology settle murder doubts?
George A. Lewis v State of Florida 1998 (affirmed)
State of Florida v George Lewis 2010
Former firefighter George Lewis, convicted in 1984 Gulfport murder, dies in prison
Unnerving story of a real-life murder

Unanswered Cries: A True Story Of Friends, Neighbors, And Murder In A Small Town

The Perfect Murder: Kill Thy Neighbor
Unusual Suspects Terror in Gulfport
American Justice: Lies of a Friend
On The Case With Paula Zahn: A Cry In The Night


George Lewis prison mug

DC Number: 116590
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5’08”
Weight: 201 lbs.
Birth Date: 10/04/1961
Custody: CLOSE
Release Date: DECEASED


Current Prison Sentence History:
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Prison Sentence Length
05/23/1984 1ST DG MUR/PREMED. OR ATT. 06/02/1989 PINELLAS 8603400 SENTENCED TO LIFE
05/23/1984 SEX BAT/ WPN. OR FORCE 06/02/1989 PINELLAS 8603400 12Y 0M 0D

Note: The offense descriptions are truncated and do not necessarily reflect the crime of conviction. Please refer to the court documents or the Florida Statutes for further information or definition.

Incarceration History:
Date In-Custody 06/15/1989
Date Out-of-Custody 06/29/2014

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