ADT Home Security

With the rate of violent crime increasing in the U.S. for the first time in nearly two decades last year, the protection and care of today’s families face higher threats than ever before. ADT Monitoring Services helps combat this issue by monitoring residential premises in an established, results-oriented manner.

Utilizing innovative and effective equipment, this nationally recognized brand has offered unrivaled protection for over 130 years. Their services have since evolved to offer not only blockades against burglary but also the monitoring of fires, floods, and excess carbon monoxide.

ADT understands that home surveillance needs are unique to each user and operates accordingly; Independent consultants work with customers to implement the appropriate tools needed for their household at an affordable price. Here are ADT Plans. Options range from concise to complex, but generally feature the following products:

Yard Signs And Window Decals

Although basic, signs and decals act as the first defense in keeping families safe simply by making the presence of the monitoring system known.

Door Sensors

Discrete and effective, sensors protect the home by alerting residents whenever a door is opened, and activates the alarm system when armed.

Infrared Motion Sensors

This innovative device detects body heat movement in anything lurking the halls at over 40 lbs., allowing most Fidos to roam free.

Keychain Remote

Forgot to set the alarm before heading to bed? The easy keychain remote allows for security anywhere, and even comes equipped with a personal panic alarm.

ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse offers safety and control from anywhere. Disarm the system and unlock the door remotely without compromising your security.

ADT also offers smoke, carbon monoxide, and flood detectors to act as a homeowner’s safety net for emergencies beyond home invasions.

Life makes it easy to become a target for mayhem, but with over six monitoring centers nationally, ADT provides their customers with the tools to protect themselves, and those they love. Order ADT to protect those you love.

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