Monsters Among Us: Nathaniel J. Smith killed 3 and sexually assaulted at least 1; Sentenced to life in prison

Gerald Short, 18 [8/20/1982] (survived)
Steven Mangus, 17 [8/20/1982]
Adeline Fisk, 59 [8/20/1982]
Thomas Jeffrey Walsh, 17 [7/28/1982]

Find-A-Grave: Steve E Mangus
Find-A-Grave: Adeline E. Wille Fisk
Find-A-Grave: Thomas Jeffrey Walsh
Robbery behind killings?
Authorities investigating the slaying of three people said today…
Teen identifies attacker during Iola murder trial
3 murders turn town into a fearful armed camp
Kansas Slayings
State of Kansas v Nathaniel J. Smith 1989 (convictions and sentences affirmed)


Nathaniel Smith was killed in prison 12/24/1993 by another inmate.

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  1. His life sentence turned out to result in a more appropriate punishment than a death penalty. He would have lived a decade or more before flying a relatively painless seat. He got exactly what he deserved. A violent end to his life.


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