Monsters Among Us: Trent William Millsap stabbed former NASCAR driver Bobby East to death at a 76 Gas Station in Westminster, CA; Shot to death by police during the service of a warrant

Bobby East

Bobby East (1984–2022), former NASCAR driver
Homicide at Gas Station
Bobby East, 3-time USAC National Champion, passes away at 37
Former NASCAR Driver Stabbed to Death at Gas Station Before Police Killed the Suspect: Authorities
Former NASCAR driver, USAC champion Bobby East dies after being stabbed at L.A. gas station
Former NASCAR driver Bobby East killed in stabbing at California gas station, officials say
Bobby East, the Andrew Luck of racing, grew up in Gasoline Alley and is gone too soon.
NASCAR Star Bobby East Killed in Stabbing at 37
Man who allegedly fatally stabbed professional race car driver was killed in a police shooting, authorities say
Former NASCAR Driver Bobby East Dead at 37 After Fatal Stabbing: ‘One Heck of a Wheelman’
Wikipedia: Bobby East

Trent William Millsap

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  1. Too bad we had to lose a contributing member of society to extinguish the life of a violent misfit. Not a fair exchange


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