Deadly Duo: Marty J. Malone and Jonathan Craig Curtis killed Steve Ver Woert, Malone’s ex-husband

Find-A-Grave: Steve J. VerWoert
Murder Suspect’s Trail Was A Sure Bet
Scottsdale woman admits role in ex-husband’s death
Pair Deny Plot To Murder Husband Sun., March 9, 1997
`Hit Man’ Trial In Killing Of Bothell Man Gets Under Way
Too Many Hit Men
Arizonan Denies He Was Hit Man — Defendant Testifies; Trial Goes To Jury
2 Tales Of Slaying Expected — `You Must Decide What You Believe,’ Jury Told
Contract Killer Gets Life For Murdering Bothell Man
Murder-For-Hire Trial Ends In Guilty Verdict — `Enjoy Your Stay,’ Detective Yells To Hit Man

Double Cross: The Ex-Files

Marty J. Malone – pled guilty, sentenced to 23 years in prison
Jonathan Craig Curtis – convicted, sentenced to LWOP


DOC Number: 775951
Offender Name: MALONE, MARTY J
Location: Washington Corrections Center for Women


DOC Number: 777503
Location: Coyote Ridge Corrections Center

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