Boyfriends From Hell: Robert Drummond charged with the murder of Yarianna Wheeler, aka “Lake Michigan Jane Doe” has been identified as Yarianna G. Wheeler, who was about 6-7 months pregnant and had been stabbed to death

Pregnant woman, 19, pulled from Lake Michigan positively identified, police say
Lake Michigan Jane Doe identified as pregnant teen from Chicago, investigated as homicide
Pregnant Woman Recovered from Lake Michigan Identified As Missing 19-Year-Old Yarianna G. Wheeler
Coroner’s office confirms ‘Lake Michigan Jane Doe’ was missing pregnant 19-year-old from Chicago
Police speaking to person of interest in the murder of 19-year-old pregnant woman found in Lake Michigan
Police questioning person of interest in murder of pregnant woman found in Lake Michigan: report
Chicago man charged with murder of pregnant woman dumped in Lake Michigan
Chicago man charged with murder of missing pregnant woman found dead in Lake Michigan
Illinois Man Charged with Murdering Pregnant Woman, Who Was Found Stabbed to Death in Lake Michigan
Man arrested after 19-year-old pregnant girlfriend found dead in Lake Michigan


Suspected Serial Killer: Perez Reed believed to be responsible for at least 6 murders in St. Louis

Marnay Haynes, 16 [9/13/2021 St Louis Co, MO]
Pamela Abercrombie, 49 [9/16/2021 St Louis Co, MO]
Casey Ross, 24 [9/19/2021 St Louis Co, MO] (no picture)
Lester Robinson, 40 [9/26/2021 St Louis Co, MO]
Damon Irvin, 35 [11/1/2021 Kansas City, KS] (no picture)
Rau’Daja Fairrow, 25 [11/2/2012 Kansas City, KS]

16-year-old girl identified as victim in deadly St. Louis County shooting
Police investigating deadly Sunday morning shooting in Ferguson
‘You’re not supposed to bury your child’: Family looking for answers in KCK killings
3 homicides in St. Louis city, county are connected, police say
Man charged with homicides in St. Louis County suspected of killing 2 people in KCK Read more at:
Update on ‘Connected Homicides’ Punctuate Day of Shootings in St. Louis
St. Louis police still searching for suspect tied to 3 connected homicides
Suspected St. Louis and Kansas City area serial killer had arson case dismissed
Suspected serial killer arrested for 6 homicides in St. Louis area and Kansas City
Man charged in 2 separate St. Louis County homicides
Man in FBI custody for 2 St. Louis County murders; could be connected to more killings
St. Louis City detectives link additional murders to suspected serial killer
Police now say a man may be connected to four St. Louis area murders and more shootings
Suspected serial killer busted in Missouri on federal weapons charge
Alleged Serial Killer Perez Reed Used Same Gun, Wore Same Shoes to Kill 6 People, Police Say
Serial Killer Suspected in Murder of Teen Girl, Five More Victims
Suspected Midwestern Serial Killer Arrested, Linked To Six Murders And Multiple Shootings
Suspected Serial Killer Linked to Six Homicides in Missouri

Perez Reed

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