Boyfriends From Hell: Army Sergeant Alonzo Dargan Jr charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Akeila Ware, and their unborn child

Akeila Ware

Pregnant woman dead after shooting, crash on Georgia highway
Pregnant woman fatally shot while driving on Georgia highway
Suspect accused of gunning down pregnant woman driving down busy highway arrested in NC
Sheriff’s Office: Arrest made in murder of pregnant woman in Troup County
Army sergeant arrested, accused of killing mother of their unborn child in Georgia
Fort Bragg soldier accused of killing pregnant woman in Georgia
Pregnant Georgia woman was killed by active-duty soldier who was father of her unborn child, sheriff says
Mother of Akeila Ware speaks out after announcement of arrest in murder investigation
Pregnant Georgia Mother Allegedly Killed by Married Fort Bragg Soldier Boyfriend
Army sergeant arrested, accused of killing mother of their unborn child in Georgia
Father Speaks Out About Pregnant Daughter Allegedly Killed by Fort Bragg Boyfriend: ‘Akeila Loved Her Life’
Fort Bragg soldier charged with killing pregnant girlfriend on Georgia highway
Fort Bragg soldier shot, killed pregnant woman, refusing extradition to Georgia


One Response

  1. While it is by NO MEANS justified to murder someone, especially someone you know!
    When are women going to realize that a MARRIED MAN IS NOT “BOYFRIEND” Material!
    I read so many stories about women being murdered by their MARRIED boyfriends!
    Getting PREGNANT by a married man is really just a recipe for disaster, all the way around!
    You are forcing an INNOCENT child into your tumultuous relationship! Then the poor kid will grow up WITHOUT a Father!
    If he DOES leave his wife to be with you, Is this REALLY a Man you want to be with?
    Some things can totally be prevented! Don’t date, or hook up with MARRIED people!


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