Update: Joe Clyde Daniels murder *Father, Joseph Daniels, sentenced to life in prison; Mother, Krystal Daniels,pled no contest, sentenced to 15 years in prison*

Joe Clyde Daniels

I do understand that he has parole “eligibility” in 51 years, however, I think that that will only happen if he or Krystal tell authorities where Joe Clyde’s body is. That is what I read and I think it needs to stick to that. Throw away the key if he does not. That beautiful boy deserved so much better than these “parents” gave him.

News Archive: Joe Clyde Daniels murder
Find-A-Grave: Joseph Clyde “Joe” Daniels III
Joseph Daniels gets life sentence, parole eligible in 51 years: ‘Probably die in prison’
Joseph Daniels sentenced to 51 years before eligible for parole in son’s death
Joseph Daniels receives life sentence, then concurrent sentences for lesser charges
When will Joseph Daniels be sentenced for the murder of Joe Clyde?
Joseph Daniels sentenced to life in prison with the chance of parole after 51 years
Joseph Ray Daniels Sentenced to Life in Prison for Beating 5-Year-Old Son ‘Baby Joe’ to Death
Krystal Daniels, mom of Joe Clyde, to face trial in Dickson Co. later this year
Joe Clyde Daniels case: Krystal Daniels faces new charges in son’s death
Why was Krystal Daniels trial set for February?
Krystal Daniels pleads no contest before trial starts in son Joe Clyde disappearance
Krystal Daniels, mother of Joe Clyde, accepts plea deal in child abuse case
Krystal Daniels pleads no contest in disappearance of Baby Joe
Mother of ‘Baby Joe’ Clyde Daniels Pleads No Contest to Abusing the 5-Year-Old Autistic Child

Joseph Ray Daniels – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Krystal Daniels – pled no contest, sentenced to 15 years in prison



Age 30
Gender Female
Race White

Ethnicity Non-Hispanic
Date of Birth Nov 02, 1990
ID Number 00596967
Custody Status Date Mar 17, 2022 09:17 AM CDT
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Dickson County Jail

Dickson County Jail
146 County Jail Drive
PO BOX 177
Charlotte, TN 37036
(615) 789-4109


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