Harlem shooting West 128th Street: Shanice Young, who was 9 months pregnant, was shot and killed in front of her apartment after her baby shower

Shanice Young

Looks like the police are looking for her ex-boyfriend, who was actually trying to kill her current boyfriend, but then he turned the gun on Shanice.

Shanice Young Shot To Death Coming Home From Her Baby Shower In Harlem; Police Searching For Ex-Boyfriend
Pregnant woman shot, killed trying to break up fight after her baby shower in Harlem
Pregnant woman killed trying to break up fight after baby shower
Police: Pregnant woman killed while trying to break up fight after her baby shower
New York City Woman Shot Dead at Her Own Baby Shower
Murdered NYC pregnant woman was targeted by ex after he failed to gun down her new beau: cops
News Archive: Shanice Young murder

Boyfriends From Hell: Richard Dickerson killed his girlfriend, Jacklyn Miller, during an argument; Sentenced to 25 years in prison with no parole

Jacklyn Miller

Find-A-Grave: Jacklyn Denise “Pinky” Miller
Boyfriend charged with murder of missing Memphis woman
Jacklyn Miller’s body was found in the trunk of her car , Boyfriend Arrested
Ex-boyfriend charged in slaying of woman, 21
Father robbed of murdered daughter’s last memento
State of Tennessee v Richard Dickerson 2014 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
TN – Jacklyn Miller, 21, Memphis, 18 November 2010
‘Match Made In Hell’ Ended When A Man Murdered His Memphis Hairdresser Girlfriend

Fatal Attraction: Hair Stylist Homicide
In Ice Cold Blood: Missing in Memphis


Boyfriends From Hell: Keishawn Gordon charged with killing his girlfriend’s 1-year-old son, Legacy Beauford, because his crying was “irking” him

Legacy Beauford

I am just flabbergasted! A child crying? Tell me it isn’t so! I know that children crying can be harsh, but you DON’T murder or abuse them for it. Walk away. Put on headphones. Anything but touching that child in anger. And yes, I do know how hard it can be. But you just do it. Their lives depend on you and they deserve a loving hand.

Man accused of murder in death of Bronx girlfriend’s baby says child ‘was irking me’
1-Year-Old Is Killed, and Mother’s Boyfriend Is Arrested
Keishawn Gordon, 23, arrested for the murder of Legacy Beauford, 1
Toddler Brutally Murdered by Mother’s Boyfriend in NYC Apartment: Police
‘He Was Irking Me’: NYC Man Charged with Murdering Girlfriend’s Crying 1-Year-Old Baby Is Also Accused of Sexual Abuse
Mom’s boyfriend arrested in death of 1-year-old Bronx boy
Bronx man accused of killing girlfriend’s baby because he ‘wouldn’t stop crying’


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