Psycho For Love: Mark Sievers, along with Jimmy Rodgers and Curtis Wayne Wright Jr., charged with the hammer murder of his wife, Dr. Teresa Sievers; two of them are facing the death penalty if convicted

Dr. Teresa Ann Grace Sievers

Find-A-Grave: Dr Teresa Ann Grace Tottenham Sievers
Teresa Sievers Murder Trial
Teresa Sievers murder trial: What you need to know about death penalty trials in Florida
Teresa Sievers murder trial: 13 questions and answers for what you need to know
Jimmy Rodgers trial for the murder of Teresa Sievers in Lee County
Documents detail events leading up to Dr. Teresa Sievers’ murder
‘She was my sister and the love of my life’: Family, investigator testify at Teresa Sievers murder trial
Medical examiner: No way to tell how many assailants were involved in Teresa Sievers’ death
Jimmy Rodgers trial: Closing arguments completed: Day 8
Teresa Sievers murder trial: Jury will continue deliberation Wednesday in the case against Jimmy Rodgers: Day 9
Jimmy Rodgers trial: Jury returns for a second day of deliberations
Rodgers’ guilty verdict could impact Mark Sievers trial
Websleuths: Dr. Teresa Sievers
Jimmy Ray Rodgers Found Guilty of Second-Degree Murder in Death of Dr. Teresa Sievers
Jimmy Rodgers has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Dr. Teresa Sievers
Jimmy Ray Rodgers Sentenced to Life for Murder of Dr. Teresa Sievers
Curtis Wright, who killed Dr. Teresa Sievers, gets 25 years in prison
‘I’m truly sorry’: Final suspect in Teresa Sievers murder case sentenced to 25 years
FL v Sievers (trial videos)
Mark Sievers found guilty of first-degree murder, may face death penalty
Websleuths: ***Jury Recommends DEATH for Mark Sievers*** Penalty/Sentencing Phase
Man sentenced to death for killing doctor wife in Florida
State responds to Mark Sievers’ appeal
Mark Sievers, sentenced to death for wife’s murder, denied new trial
Dr. Teresa Sievers’ Murder: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Killer Cases: The Doctor is Dead
48 Hours: Eleven Hundred Miles to Murder
Court in the Act: Mark Sievers – Orchestrating the Murder of his Wife, Dr. Teresa Sievers – 2019 Trial
Sex & Murder: Fatal Ambush

Mark Sievers – convicted, sentenced to death
Jimmy Ray Rodgers – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Curtis Wayne Wright – pled guilty, sentenced to 25 years in prison (cannot locate him yet)

Curtis Wayne Wright, Jr.



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  1. Curtis Wright is now in a Florida prison. Inmate number 747098.


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