Update: Sydney Loofe murder *Bailey Boswell convicted; Aubrey Trail sentenced to death*

Sydney Loofe

News Archive: Sydney Loofe murder
Bailey Boswell trial: Boswell brought to tears as photos of Loofe’s body are shown to jury
Landlord, investigators testify in Bailey Boswell murder trial, discuss strong bleach smell
Testimony in Boswell trial turns to ‘sugar daddy’ lifestyle and killing to become a ‘witch’
Bailey Boswell found guilty of first-degree murder
Bailey Boswell found guilty of first-degree murder
Will Aubrey Trail get life in prison or death penalty? Sentence to be announced June 9
Murderer Aubrey Trail sentenced to death for killing of Sydney Loofe
Trail sentenced to die for killing Sydney Loofe; becomes 12th inmate on Nebraska’s death row
The Aubrey Trail Trial

Aubrey Trail – convicted, sentenced to death
Bailey Boswell – convicted, awaiting sentencing



Offender Name: BOSWELL, BAILEY M
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 26
Location: Saline County Sheriff’s Office, Wilber
Race: White
Contact Facility:
Offender ID: 14024
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 02/26/1994
Additional Information:

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