Update: Kenyatta “Keke” Barron and Ron’Niveya O’Neal murders *Ronnie O’Neal trial finishes closing arguments*

Kenyatta “Keke” Barron, 33
Ron’Niveya O’Neal, 9
Ronnie O’Neal IV, 8

News Archive: Kenyatta “Keke” Barron and Ron’Niveya O’Neal murders
‘You stabbed me:’ Ronnie Oneal’s young son recalls witnessing murders of mom and sister
‘My daddy killed my mommy’: 11-year-old son testifies at father’s double-murder trial
11-year-old boy in Ronnie O’Neal case: ‘I saw my dad holding a shotgun and my mom screaming’
‘You Stabbed Me’: Watch 11-Year-Old Son of Accused Killer Bravely Answer Questions of Father at Trial Over Murders of Mom and Sister
‘I arrested you for her murder’: Former HCSO detective takes stand at Ronnie Oneal trial
‘They’re trying to kill me’: Oneal’s father recounts phone call from his son on night of murders
Ronnie Oneal III rests after half-hour defense, will not testify in murder trial
Closing arguments in Ronnie Oneal double-murder trial begin
Ronnie O’Neail during closing arguments: ‘I did kill Kenyatta Brown’
Both sides wrap; deliberation in Ronnie Oneal murder trial to begin Monday
Ronnie Oneal III thanks detective who adopted his critically injured son
‘I did kill Kenyatta Barron’; Oneal admits to girlfriend’s slaying in closing argument


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