Family Annihilator: Robert Dreesman killed 6 family members, then killed himself

John Ubbe Dreesman, 79
Agnes Dreesman, 74
Marilyn Chuang, 48
Jason Chuang, 12
Jennifer Chuang, 11
Joshua Chuang, 8

Find-A-Grave: John Ubbe Dreesman
Find-A-Grave: Agnes Alexa Brown Dreesman
Find-A-Grave: Marilyn Dreesman Chuang
Find-A-Grave: Jason Matthew Chuang
Find-A-Grave: Jennifer Angela Chuang
Find-A-Grave: Joshua Alexander Chuang
Jealousy may have driven Iowa man to kill six relatives and himself
Police find family killed at home in Iowa
7 in Algona family shot to death
Family violence leaves 7 dead in Iowa (part 1)
Killed (part 2)
7 killed in Iowa murder-suicide
Authorities Say Loner Accused of Killing Family May Have Felt Neglected
Iowa murder-suicide still puzzling authorities
Autopsies on Iowa victims show 4 were shot in head
The reclusive son of a prominent Algona family shot…
Murderpedia: Robert J. Dreesman
Find-A-Grave: Robert J. Dreesman

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