Parents From Hell: Jeremy Dequain Davis and Trinity Pittman charged with the beating death of her 2-year-old Conner

Conner Pittman

Georgia child dies after mother hit him over dirty diaper, police say
Mom charged with killing toddler son
Warrants: Mother confesses to beating child because he soiled his diaper. The child died.
Georgia mom’s boyfriend charged in toddler’s beating death
Palmetto man charged in beating, murder of toddler
Mother’s boyfriend charged with murder 10 months after toddler’s death
Boyfriend of arrested Georgia mom charged in toddler’s murder
Georgia mom’s boyfriend charged in toddler’s beating death
Georgia mom’s boyfriend charged in toddler’s beating death
Live-in boyfriend brutally beats 2-year-old tot while ‘mom’ helps cover for him: Police

Trinity Grace Pittman
Jeremy “Lucky” Dequain Davis

2 Responses

  1. Fry him! What kind of man beats a 2 y/o to death? And she covers for him? Maybe he will claim self defense!

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  2. I just cannot believe these so called parents who punish their child for soiling their diapers! That’s what babies do! Some toddler’s haven’t yet mastered toilet training so you continue to work with them until they do! You are patient with them and you show them lot’s of love, encouragement, and positive reinforcements! You don’t beat a toddler to death! The mother is just as at fault for not protecting her baby from this monster!! These parents appear to be very immature, childidh, heartless and cruel! They are not fit to be parents! I hope these two monsters receive the hardest punishment that the state can give them!

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