Monsters Among Us: Steven Benson killed his mother, Margaret, and brother Scott, with a car bomb so he could inherit the Benson fortune; Sentenced to life in prison, but then killed in prison

Margaret Benson, 63
Scott Benson, 21
Carol Lynn Kendall (survived)

Find-A-Grave: Margaret Hitchcock Benson
Find-A-Grave: Scott Benson
Car blast kills two
Pipe bomb suspected cause of blast that killed heiress, son
Murder of “quiet” heiress, son stuns exclusive area
Florida resort shocked over car bomb slayings
Victims of Naples car bombing buried Sunday in Pennsylvania
Benson attorney continue attack on defendant’s brother
Tobacco heir Steven Wayne Benson broke into tears at…
Benson gets 50 years for bombing murders
In Florida, Murder Most Malevolent
Tobacco Heiress’ Estate Go to Daughter, Convicted Son’s Children
The Bensons: Lancaster family ripped apart by greed and murder 30 years ago
Medical Examiner says Benson was stabbed to death in prison
Murderpedia: Steven Wayne Benson
Wikipedia: Steven Benson (murderer)
Find-A-Grave: Steven Wayne Benson

The Serpents Tooth
Blood Relations/the Exclusive Inside Story of the Benson Family Murders

New Detectives: Short Fuse
Power, Privilege, and Justice: Blood Money
Florida Man Murders: Killer Succession


DC Number: 104033
Birth Date: 07/26/1951
Custody: CLOSE
Current Release Date: DECEASED

3 Responses

  1. Quite unusual that he was murdered in a prison with inmates and staff in the vicinity, and nobody has been convicted of murdering him. The state tried one inmate, who was acquitted after jury deliberated less than 30 minutes. I am not shedding tears for him, since his crimes were atrocious. Still, hard to believe nobody was held responsible.


    • He was also the same age when he died as his mother was when he killed her.

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      • So, the other son, Scott, threatened to kill their mother because she let his “attack dog” inside the house? He must have wanted to keep the dog socially isolated and ‘bad to the bones so it would stay mean, nasty and would kill when gave the command. Momma brought the pooch inside for a taste of human companionship. How could she!!! So he said he would kill her for that “crime”. Now, I know zero about this family except what I read here today. But, what sort of karma is it that her two sons each wanted to kill her and for disparate reasons? Maybe the boys should have been moved out of the family home to fend for themselves. Momma could’ve changed the locks, gotten restraining orders and hired 24/7 security. This feels like the kind of family dynamics seen in horror flix like Psycho. Really.


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