Update: Lorenzen Wright murder *Ex-wife, Sherra, pled guilty, to avoid getting a life sentence; Sentenced to 30 years in prison; Billy Turner awaiting trial”.

News Archive: Lorenzo Wright murder
Shocking new details from Sherra Wright’s defense team By: Alexa Lorenzo
In stunner, Sherra Wright pleads guilty in Lorenzen Wright case, could become eligible for release in roughly 7 years
Ex-wife pleads guilty in slaying of NBA star Lorenzen Wright
WREG looks into documents in Sherra Wright’s plea deal
Ex-wife pleads guilty in killing of Lorenzen Wright
Former NBA player Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife pleads guilty to planning his killing
Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife pleads guilty to facilitating his murder
Ex-wife pleads guilty in murder of former NBA hoopster Lorenzen Wright
Ex-Wife of NBA Star Lorenzen Wright Admits Facilitating His Murder: ‘We Lost a Great Guy’
Discipline records reveal Sherra Wright’s behavioral issues behind bars
Lorenzen Wright homicide: Everything you need to know
Wikipedia: Lorenzen Wright
COVID delays trial for Billy Ray Turner, accused of killing former NBA star Lorenzen Wright
Man accused of killing Lorenzen Wright to face trial Jan. 2022
Trial date set for murder of former Grizzlies player Lorenzen Wright

People Magazine Investigates: Memphis Blues
48 Hours: Lorenzen Wright: No Defense
Dateline: Death of a Hometown Hero
Infamy: When Fame Turns Deadly: The Basketball Wife Nightmare

Sherra Wright – pled guilty, sentenced to 30 years in prison
Billy Ray Turner – trial scheduled for 1/31/2022



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