Psycho For Love: Brad Reay killed his wife, Tami, then got his twin brother to help him hide her body in the Lake Oahe spillway; He was sentenced to LWOP

Tami Reay

Find-A-Grave: Tamera Dawnell “Tami” Burns Reay
In Memory of Tami Burns Reay
Facebook: In Memory of Tami Burns Reay
Father says 12-year-old daughter killed mother, not him
Girl, 13, testifies against father
Man convicted of wife’s stabbing death
Man gets life for wife’s murder
State of South Dakota v Brad Reay 2009 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
New TV documentary to recount Reay murder investigation
SD – Tamara ‘Tami’ Reay, 41, stabbed to death, Pierre, 7 Feb 2006
Dateline: Deadly Affair
In Autopsy Shocker, ‘Cold-Hearted’ Man Planted Evidence Inside Wife’s Body To Frame Her Lover

The Devil Speaks: Set Me Free
Framed by the Killer: A Lover’s Frame
Dateline: Deadly Affair


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  1. I thought this was an episode of Monk! A murder! Twin brothers! Blaming a 12 y/o for the murder!? I like how much information the SD DOC gives on an inmate’s webpage. Better than almost all others.


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