Psycho For Love: David Allen Sokolowski killed his girlfriend and their neighbor; Then he dismembered both, possible eating some of their body parts

Pamela Owens Ellwood, 42
Rubel “Little Man” Gray Hill, 35

Missing woman’s remains found in Winston-Salem dumpster
Cannibalism suspected in bodyparts case
More Body Parts Found In Kitchen Of Farmhouse
Man Charged With Murder After Remains Found
Witness tells of finding body parts
Search for more body parts widens at North Carolina farm
Dismembered man’s wife asks why
State of North Carolina v David Allen Sokolowski 1999 [appeal denied]
Murderpedia: David Sokolowski


Shattered: Butcher on Mincey Road


Offender Number: 0382003
Inmate Status: ACTIVE
Gender: MALE
Ethnic Group: UNKNOWN
Birth Date: 03/02/1957
Age: 61
Current Location: MAURY C.I.

3 Responses

  1. Not sure why he was tried non-capitally for the 2nd murder. How much more gruesome can a murder be? I understand getting him locked up for his natural life for the 1st murder. Senseless violence.


    • I agree. It should have been capital and I believe it should have been a death penalty case. How much more gruesome and heinous can you be? He ruined so many lives. If it was Louisiana I would not have a problem with life for him if it came with hard labor. I hope he is suffering, but I doubt he is suffering as much as the others.


  2. I’m pamela Owen’s grand daughter and I dont understand why her two children are never mentioned and why no one sought to look for her family! She has a story to be told too! My mother went through so much after this murder and my uncle too. My life had been a roller coaster and I have changed my last name and live in fear.


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