Monsters Among Us: Marvin Chaney and Jess Rush kidnapped, raped and killed Trudy Darby; Both sentenced to LWOP

Trudy Jean Darby

Find-A-Grave: Trudy Jean Darby
Serial Killer Rapist Brothers Terrorized Missouri
Man Convicted of 1991 Killing of Missouri Convenience Store Clerk Dies in Prison
State of Missouri v Jess Rush 1997 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Unsolved Mysteries Wiki: Trudy Darby
The Mysterious Abduction of Angela Hammond
Websleuths: Suspects: Jesse Rush and Marvin Chaney

Welcome to Murdertown: Murder in Mack’s Creek

Jess Rush – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Marvin Chaney – convicted, sentenced to LWOP, died in prison in 2017

Marvin Chaney


DOC ID 515013
Offender Name Jess W Rush
Race White
Sex Male
Date of Birth 04/14/1975
Height/Weight 5’10” / 190
Hair/Eyes Brown / Blue
Assigned Location South Central Correctional Center
Address 255 West Highway 32, Licking, MO 65542
Assigned Officer Phone Number (573) 674-4470
Sentence Summary Life W/O Parole (5, 5, Life W/O, 15 CC)
Active Offenses MURDER 1ST DEGREE
Aliases Jess W Rush; Jess Wayne Rush

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