Monsters Among Us: Kyle Robert Wolfe killed 79-year-old Margaret Jack Sliger; Sentenced to 25 years in prison

Margaret Jack Sliger

Margaret Jackson Sliger obituary
Find-A-Grave: Margaret Jackson “Margaret Jack” Sliger
Pastor remembers Margaret Jack Sliger
‘Pure evil’: Aunt describes horror of finding slain Margaret Jack
Juvenile charged in murder case of retired Hawkins Co. school teacher
Juvenile suspect arrested in Mooresburg murder case
Boy accused in murder of elderly NE Tennessee woman will be tried as an adult
15-year-old pleads guilty to murdering Hawkins County woman
Teen pleads guilty in brutal murder of Mooresburg woman
15-year-old boy pleads guilty in slaying of retired teacher
25 YEARS: Mooresburg teen sentenced as adult for 2015 murder of Margaret Jack Sliger
Tennessee teen is found guilty of fatally shooting and stabbing retired elementary school teacher after she confronted him for riding his four-wheeler on her property
Hawkins County teacher murder case to air on episode of “When Murder Comes to Town”
Murder of retired teacher to be featured on ID true crime series

Murder Comes to Town: The Sinner and the Saint


4 Responses

  1. This is a travesty of justice. This young punk shoots this 79 year old woman twice in the head and then slits her throat, and they let him plead guilty to 2nd degree murder. This is a first degree murder case for sure, but the prosecutors took the easy way out – they let this creep plead guilty to 2nd degree murder so they could go home and watch the boob tube and say the cause of justice was served.


    • That is exactly how I feel. I feel life is the only valid sentence here. He knew what he was doing and did it in anger. No less than life is acceptable.


      • I don’t agree at all. This Aggressively inconsiderate person, violated the property of a defenseless elderly woman, and when she objected, he shot her twice in the head and slit her throat. Just happened to be carrying a knife and gun while tearing around on other peoples’ property in an all-terrain? Or if he came back later to murder her, is that somehow mitigating? Put a rope around his neck then open the trap door. Maybe they should make the parents do that. But I’ll do it. Would I feel good about it? No more so than when taking out the trash. Not enjoyable but if it isn’t done…


        • I agree that it is a travesty, especially since it was not impulsive. Personally, I am very pro death penalty and that would be my preferred punishment for this. Crimes against the elderly really hit me hard.


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