Update: Golden State Serial Killer: Joseph James DeAngelo arrested & charged with the Golden State Killer murders

Murder Victims
Brian Maggiore [2/2/1978]
Katie Maggiore [2/2/1978]
Dr. Robert Offerman, 44 [12/30/1979]
Dr. Debra Alexandra Manning, 35 [12/30/1979]
Charlene Smith, 33 [[3/13/1980]
Lyman Smith, 43 [3/13/1980]
Keith Harrington, 24 [8/19/1980]
Patrice Harrington, 27 [8/19/1980]
Manuela Witthuhn, 28 [2/6/1981]
Cheri Domingo, 35 [7/27/1981] (aka Cheryl Grace “Cheri” Smith)
Gregory Sanchez, 27 [7/27/1981]
Janelle Lisa Cruz, 18 [5/4/1986]
Rhonda Wicht, 24 [11/11/1978] possible victim
Ronald Wicht, 4 [11/11/1978] possible victim

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