Psycho For Love: Donnie Rudd killed his wife of 1 month, Noreen Kumeta Rudd, making it look like a car crash; Sentenced to 75-100 years in prison

Noreen Kumeta Rudd

Find-A-Grave: Noreen Ann Kumeta Rudd
Disbarred Lawyer Arrested For 1973 Murder Of His Wife
Ex-Chicago attorney charged in wife’s 1973 murder
No bail for former attorney charged with wife’s 1973 murder in Barrington
Ex-Chicago attorney charged in wife’s murder free after posting huge bail
Medical treatments ordered for disbarred attorney charged in 1973 murder
Man charged in wife’s 1973 death can use portion of bond money for expert witness at trial, judge rules
Life insurance details to be allowed at trial of man accused in 1973 death of wife
Insurance policies motive for former condo attorney to murder wife, says prosecutor
Living With The Devil
Barrington woman co-writes memoir about life with stepfather facing murder charges
Trial of Donnie Rudd, ex-attorney accused of murdering wife in 1973, begins
Donnie Rudd found guilty of 1973 murder of wife
Donnie Rudd guilty of killing wife in ’73, making it look like car crash: ‘It’s been a 45-year nightmare’
Donnie Rudd, man convicted of murdering new wife 45 years ago, sentenced to 75-100 years in prison
Donnie Rudd sentenced to 75-150 years in prison for 1973 murder of new wife; judge calls him ‘diabolical’
Guilty verdict four decades in the making: A timeline of the Donnie Rudd case
Growing up with Rudd
Living With The Devil
Man charged with wife’s 1973 Barrington Township murder focus of TV special

Living With The Devil

Keith Morrison Investigates: Who is Donnie Rudd?
American Monster: Who Am I?


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