Psycho For Love: Lester Winningham convicted of killing Deborah Houchin, his fiancee he met thru; Sentenced to life in prison

Deborah Houchin

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Your Worst Nightmare: Midlife Crisis

[old info]

SID Number:07562032
TDCJ Number: 01465561
Race: W
Gender: M
DOB: 1947-12-21
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Current Facility: TELFORD
Projected Release Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2037-09-30

Offense History
Offense Date: 2005-07-22
Offense: MURDER
Sentence Date: 2007-10-12
Case No.: 1004499D
Sentence: 999-99-99

13 Responses

  1. It looks like he was never retried after the 2010 appeal reversed and remanded for a new trial. I see a man of the same name died earlier this year in Florida. He doesn’t show up in Tx doc records online.


  2. The state asked and received a review of the overturned conviction and the conviction was upheld after the full review. He died in prison in 2017.


    • I can’t find a photo of the creep anywhere!


    • Where did you find your information? We are former clients of Deborah’s and have never ever heard that his conviction was upheld and/or that he died in prison.


  3. the guy that died is not the same one. different birthdate


  4. Yes. The Circuit Court of Appeals, 2nd District of Texas, No. 2-07-389-CR reinstated his conviction and life sentence by decision entered October 21, 2010. 65+ page decision.


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