Monsters Among Us: Charles J. Greene killed Alyce Seff, who he worked for, by strangling her then throwing her body head first into a wishing well

Alyce Seff

Alyce J. Seff obituary
Find-A-Grave: Alyce Seff
Arrest Made In 2008 Local Murder
Trial begins in slaying of elderly landlord
Landlady’s quirks may have led to demise
Man found guilty of 2008 murder of 81-year-old landlady found stuffed in a well on one of her rental properties
Handyman found guilty of killing landlady found in wishing well
Ohio man found guilty of killing woman found in wishing well
Man found guilty of killing woman found in Ohio wishing well
Man Sentenced for Murder of 81-Year-Old Woman Found in Well
Man Convicted Of Killing German Village Landlord Gets Life In Prison
Handyman Convicted Of Murdering Landlady By Placing Her Upside Down In A Wishing Well While She Was Still Alive

Murder in the Heartland: The Wishing Well Mystery
Buried in the Backyard: Wishing Well Hell


Number A733220
DOB 12/06/1962
Gender Male
Race Black
Admission Date 03/07/2017
Institution Noble Correctional Institution

3 Responses

  1. 15 years to life, that means if he’s good he could only do 15 years. !!!!15 YEARS!!!!! for such a heinous crime. Who are the people on this jury?? Do you actually want this man released who horribly tied an old woman with duct tape and put her down a well upside down to die living next to you when he gets out? He’ll only be what? 70 years old. Young enough to kill again. and more heinous after being in jail. He should have got life, or 50 years to life. This is why people do what they do. If you just took them out and shot them, Some of them at least would think twice before doing what they do. 10 to 15 yrs for murder, 4 or 5 years for child molesting, 5 years for rape. Those should all be life! charges. Unbelievable.


    • I’m sure that the sentence is the MINIMUM he must serve before he becomes eligible for parole. He might end up serving a life sentence.


    • It is highly doubtful he will get out in 15 years. Ohio has been known to not release on a first hearing. Plus, I am sure there will be many protesting his release, including me.


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