Deadly Girlfriends: Connie Sanders-Ford killed her lover, John Jordon, when he tried to end their affair; Sentenced to LWOP

John Jordon

John D. Jordon III obituary
John Jordon obituary
Wife arrested for murder in 2011 death of husband
Investigators release details of Granby death
Woman charged in southwest Missouri man’s death
Investigators release details of Granby death
Ended extramarital affair cited in murder trial for Sanders-Ford
Connie Sanders-Ford found guilty of first degree murder
Jury convicts woman for killing lover in McDonald County
Jury convicts Granby woman of first-degree murder
Woman receives life prison sentence for killing lover
Woman gets life term in Granby murder
Southwest Missouri woman sentenced to life for killing lover
Sanders-Ford gets life, no parole

Deadly Women: Midlife Murder


DOC ID 1300069
Offender Name Connie R Sanders-Ford
Race White
Sex Female
Date of Birth 11/20/1949
Height/Weight 5’4″ / 245
Hair/Eyes Gray/Partially Gray / Hazel
Assigned Location Chillicothe Correctional Center
Address 3151 Litton Road, Chillicothe, MO 64601
Assigned Officer Phone Number (660) 646-4032
Sentence Summary Life (Life, 3 CC)
Completed Offenses Completed sentence not found
Aliases Connie Renee Chancellor; Connie Renee Ford; Connie Renee Sanders-Ford; Connie R Sanders-Ford

3 Responses

  1. I am connie’s Daughter-in-law. Many of the details in the story are incorrect. Connie was NOT estranged from her family. She was at our house the day before the incident as well as many weekends. And she spoke to both of her boys almost daily. There is so much more about how much money Connie “gave” to John and his son. John was terribly mentally abusive and we have transcripts of recordings not admissible in court.
    Connie was twice widowed, as well. This man messed with an already unstable woman.


    • Well why don’t you go ahead and blame the victim some more. Since she spoke to her boys and your husband daily, why didn’t they stop her stalking?


    • After watching this story on Deadly Women, then reading this, it appears to me that they guy was using this woman, and she snapped. I know killing isn’t the right thing to do, but people need to learn that when someone is grieving, and possibly mentally unstable, don’t take advantage of them. Especially, sexually. Women tend to fall in love very easily while grieving the loss of a husband/boyfriend.


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