Deadly Duo: Gary Carl Simmons Jr. and Timothy Milano killed & dismembered Jeffrey Wolfe and raped his girlfriend; Simmons was executed and Milano was sentenced to life in prison

Jeffrey Wolfe

Texas man found dismembered in Miss.
Timothy John Milano v State of Mississippi 2001 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Another Condemned Man Seeks Reprieve
Gruesome murder, rape case recalled: Gary ‘The Butcher’ Simmons scheduled to be executed June 20
Gary Carl Simmons Jr. #1299
Murderpedia: Gary Carl Simmons Jr.

Shattered: The Box

Gary Carl Simmons Jr – convicted, sentenced to death; executed 6/20/2012
Timothy Milano – convicted, sentenced to LWOP

Gary Carl Simmons Jr


3 Responses

  1. Both deserved execution. This crime was calculated and heinous. I about broke down when the father and detective were talking about how they found him in pieces. Heartbreaking!


  2. This case was crazy just crazy why did both not get death? I’m from Mississippi also an this is the kind of craziness you read about you dont think it can happen in your state but it did


  3. So Milano is the one that shot him, and he only got life in prison? I don’t get this, the other guy is a sick monster, but he basically got rid of the body.


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