Monsters Among Us: Tim Boczkowski killed his 2 wives, in similiar fashion, for the insurance money; Sentenced to LWOP

Mary Elaine Boczkowski, 34 [11/4/1990 Greensboro, NC]
Maryann Fullerton-Boczkowski, 35 [11/7/1994 Pittsburgh, PA]

Find-A-Grave: Mary Elaine “Elaine” Pegher Boczkowski
Find-A-Grave: Maryann Fullerton Boczkowski
Children gave information about mom’s tub death
Court vacates wife-killer’s death sentence
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Timothy Boczkowski 2004 (death sentence overturned)
Judge denies new trial for Ross man serving life for deaths of 2 wives
Murderpedia: Timothy Boczkowski
Death Sounded Familiar
Timothy Boczkowski pen pal ad
The Devil You Know
Todd Boczkowski Speaks Out

Please Don’t Kill Mommy!: The True Story of a man who killed his wife, got away with it, then killed again

Fatal Vows: Drowning in Tears
Forensic Files: All Wet
American Justice: While the Children Slept
The New Detectives: Family Plots
City Confidential: Pittsburgh, PA: Til Death Do Us Part
The Devil You Know: Devil of a Dad


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