Scott Macklem murder 11/5/1986 Port Huron, MI *Temujin Kensu (aka Frederick Thomas Freeman) convicted, sentenced to life in prison – but is he really guilty?*

Scott Macklem

Find-A-Grave: Scott A Macklem
After more than 20 years in prison, Temujin Kensu dreams of release
Reasonable doubt: Part I
Reasonable doubt: Part II
Sociopath? Wronged man? Both?
Could Missing Photos Free Convicted Murderer?
28-year-old murder resurfaces in court
People of the State of Michigan v Frederick Freeman 2015
No New Trial For Man Serving Life Sentence In ’86 Port Huron Death (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Temujin Kensu: The Story of an Innocent Man
Is Temujin Kensu a ‘ninja killer’ or wrongfully convicted man?
Man convicted in 1987 murder case fights to have conviction overturned
Finley: Another Christmas behind bars for murder he couldn’t have committed

Free Me: Temujin Kensu

Reasonable Doubt: Long Distance Murder

A documentary about this case:


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  1. Will the show take his case?


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