Deadly Women: Tina Gail Williamson killed General “Jack” Rains for his money; Sentenced to life in prison

General “Jack” Rains

General “Jack” Rains obituary
Murfreesboro Police Make Arrest In General Rains Murder
Day 1: Witness describe relationship of murder victim, defendant
Day 2: Bank officials were concerned about withdrawals
Day 3: Murder defendant dozes during testimony
Day 4: Murder defendant says victim gave her large amounts of cash
Day 5: Prosecution rests in Tina Williamson trial
Day 6: Jurors deliberate in murder trial
Woman convicted of killing former state trooper
Williamson Found Guilty In Rains Murder Trial
Judge sentences murderer to 71 years in prison
State of Tennessee v Tina Gail Williamson

Snapped: Tina Williamson
The Devil Speaks: Dirty Little Secrets


TOMIS ID: 00142049
Birth Date: 04/25/1968
Race: W
Sex: F
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: WTSP
Sentence Begin: 12/24/2008
Sentence End:
Parole Eligibility : 08/08/2065
Parole Hearing:
Hearing Result:

12 Responses

  1. Killed the goose that laid the golden egg. Terrible person.


  2. I knew the minute I started reading this article about an old man with a young girlfriend half his age that there was a man behind that woman – in this case, her husband Ron. I have no doubt that Ron played a major role in this murder, and he got away Scott free.


    • I agree that her husband had a hand in this crime. Why else would he allow his wife to be sucking up to that elderly man. They used him for their own financial gain them murdered him. They’re separated not as she will spend the rest of her miserable life in prison but.., they’ll be reunited in hell.


  3. Try to determine if Tina Williamson is a whore or just a money hungry scumbag. Regardless of which she really is, it is a certainty that all the family members insisting on her innocence are total losers. Firstly, what the hell was she even that close enough to another man with a husband at home? Money is the answer! She was sleeping with another man in a friends with benefits relationship for financial gain. If she really cared about anyone other than herself, she would have gotten a job to help with her husbands car payments but she chose the cheap trick spread like “I can’t believe it’s not butter” way. One thing her family can be right about was some reasonable doubt, but that’s how all these type of snapped cases go because these lawless tramps have their criminal acts well planned out. Well at least the think they do until the moment the jury says “guilty!” Obviously, there had to be more evidence pointing at them instead of away from them. Tina shot that 80 something year old man in the back of the head. She knows she did and don’t even have the decency to take responsibility for her crime which would keep her family from going through their entire lives thinking she was wronged by the justice system. That also shows she feels no remorse for taking the life of someone who cared about her. She should have gotten the death penalty just for that!

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  4. What makes you fools think you know anything about this case? Get a fucking hobby, I knew Jack & he specifically told me days before his death a man forced his way into his home.


  5. Whether she did or did not do this, she has a family that loves her. I’m her sister and she’s still a human being, not worthless or a scumbag, drugs do bad things to the mind. Mr. Rains didn’t deserve to die, but there are things that just don’t add up and I feel she wasn’t alone in this, if she did it. It’s a bad situation all the way around.


    • So sad that family still in denial
      If she did not lie no one would question her innocence
      The whole scenario was a weird way to carry on which would always end in tears
      Poxy money and that stupid American gun law breeds temptation


  6. Lol, a man forced his way into Jack’s home a couple days before his death but.., that man didn’t force his way in the day Jack was murdered. Tina said she was nowhere near the town where Jack lived on the fatal day. She also instructed a friend to lie to the police about a ride back to the town where she lived on the same day. 1) why lie unless you have something to hide. 2) Tina had a .22 caliber handgun registered to her and a box of bullets with 5 bullets missing, the same number of bullets in Jack’s head. She murdered Jack to get her evil hands on that $100,000 CD. Synth says those who thinks Tina is guilty needs to get a hobby but it’s more like synth needs to trade in his brain for one that actually works!

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  7. She was 39 when that picture was made? Dang, she looks 60.

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  8. Always money
    Why are people so evil and greedy for money
    No thought for family or anyone else just utter greed
    Deserves all they get

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  9. She didn´t do that. Maybe, her husband out of jealousy.
    You didn´t bite the hand that feeds you.
    She is certainly innocent.
    His family only considers her guilty of acquiring his inheritance.
    Think about it!
    There are only clues, no evidence. Sry!


  10. If Tina didn’t commit this murder., 1) why did she lie and say she didn’t go to Murfreesboro on the day Jack was killed? 2) why did she tell the woman who gave her a ride from Murfreesboro not to tell the police about the ride? Thing about it is., all those who think Tina is innocent wouldn’t see it that way if one of their loved ones was murdered. Those lies would be evident of guilt to them then. I can understand her daughter. Family members tend to fall into that blood is thicker than water thing blinding them to the truth or what is logically the truth. She had her appeals., reviews of the case and trial by higher courts and obviously, they agreed with the findings of her trial. For me, I’m can’t speculate on any other view or areas of focus of her and Jack’s relationship. Those two lies say., even unsaid, she had something to hide by lying. And yes, she deserves life without parole just because she shows no remorse by not taking responsibility for her crime.

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