Fiamma Inc. Rampage: Five employees shot and killed by a disgruntled former worker, John Robert Neumann Jr., who then killed himself

Brenda Montanez-Crespo, 44
Robert Snyder, 69
Kevin Lawson, 47
Jeffrey Roberts, 57
Kevin Clark, 53

Orlando workplace shooting: Former employee kills 5, then himself
Gunman ‘singled out’ victims in Orlando shooting spree
Five victims killed in Orlando workplace shooting identified
Fiamma Inc. releases statement following deadly workplace shooting
Victims: What we know about those killed in the Forsyth shooting
Orlando workplace shooting victim Brenda Montanez
Orlando workplace shooting victim Robert Snyder was skilled billiards player, ‘awesome’
Orlando workplace shooting victim Kevin Lawson was husband, father who loved motorcycles
gofund me: Kevin Lawson Memorial Fund
Forsyth victim: Jeff Roberts, loving husband, father and grandfather
He was raising 2 kids after wife’s death. Orlando workplace shooter left them orphans
gofundme: Kevin Clark Memorial Fund
Orlando workplace shooter John Neumann Jr. showed ‘pattern of abuse,’ court injunction says
Ex-Fiamma worker says he raised concerns about Orange County workplace shooter in 2014
Co-worker had asked for protection from workplace gunman
Shooter involved in previous workplace violence incident, sheriff says
Orlando Fiamma Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Friend: Orlando victim feared workplace shooter would seek revenge over firing
Orlando company ‘heartbroken’ after deadly workplace shootings
Five victims gunned down by Army veteran in Orlando including single father-of-two who celebrated his son’s graduation one day earlier
‘Disgruntled’ Ex-Employee Opens Fire in Orlando Business — Killing 5 People and Then Himself

John Robert Neumann Jr.

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  1. This was no surprise. Even the foreman, Mr. Snyder, said he thought Mr. Newman might seek revenge, and when you add that to the violent attacks against at least 2 of his co-workers, it was obvious that this guy should have had a restraining order issued against him coming anywhere near the company. The FBI says that when you see someone that could be a threat to warn authorities. They did, but the authorities did nothing about it.


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