Parents Gone Wild: Stella Delores Almarez killed her 4 daughters; Found not guilty by reason of insanity – sent to a mental hospital, released in 1985

Odella, 10
Antoinette, 7
Stella Loraine, 2
Gloria Irene, 2

Accused mother of murder in death of 4 daughters
Mother arrested on suspicion of murdering four daughters
‘It’s the little kids that come back to haunt you’
Woman accused of killing children found innocent due to insanity
Excerpt from “A Calendar of Miseries”
Nebraska and Iowa mass Murders
Stella Delores Almarez v Klaus Hartmann 1982
Almarez, Stella Delores

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  2. Were there any public comments or even public outcry that she was released after 4.5 years? Apparently they had been trying to get her out within 6-7 months of her commital to the mental hospital- sounds like she and her attorneys really pulled one over on the justice system. If one is truly insane in the legal sense they are NOT completely cured in a couple months! Glad she spent 5 years committed but as far as I’m concerned she should have been there much longer. Sounds more like a situation of rage killing than true insanity. I wonder if anyone on the DA’s team felt that way…


  3. I remember this case and have searched for more info on her. I remember that her husband was having an affair and may have asked for a divorce or she learned of his affair, went home and slaughtered the four children. That is a revenge killing, not mental illness. She got off lightly in my opinion.


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