Killer Moms!

The top Killer Moms were:

 Casey Anthony
 Andrea Yates
 Diane Downs
 Susan Smith
 Stephanie Lopez
They all win the prize! A trip to hell! Anyway, I started this too late, so it will be next year when I do the project I wanted to. I will probably feature a Killer Mom at least once a week now on my blog, so any more suggestions are welcome!

I will start on the Killer Dads next week, so start thinking of them.

8 Responses

  1. what about DARLIE ROUTIER?


  2. What a a “rogues gallery” that is!! For me, Diane Downs is the one that just creeps me out! I remember watching TV coverage of her and she had this creepy smile while she was talking about her dead kids.

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  3. I totally agree with the prize you are giving them – a trip to HELL!


  4. I don’t believe Andrea Yates belongs on this list; she shouldn’t have even been nominated. Her own psychiatrist said she was “the sickest personal I’ve ever seen outside of a hospital”; she should have been IN a locked-down mental health unit. I don’t believe she’s going to hell, either. What kind of “god” would afflict a human being with the psychological torment she suffered, and then punish her for it?

    You’re totally mistaken in including Andrea Yates. She’s not like the other sub-humans on this list at all.


  5. I think Christie Scott belongs on this list; she murdered her six-year-old autistic son so she could collect insurance money.
    Gemma Killeen also deserves a spot.

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  6. and deranged?


  7. are these sick and deranged seeking attention for their dastardly deeds? anyone who can inflict pain on a child will go to hell


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