Murder In The Family: Santa Cristina Pablo charged with the murder of her 4-year-old niece, Sophia Mae Caraveo

Sophia Mae Caraveo

Sophia Mae Caraveo obituary
4-year-old girl killed in Porterville, aunt under arrest
Aunt held in child’s death
A 4-year-old Porterville girl was ‘intentionally suffocated’ by her aunt, police say
Aunt charged with murder, child abuse in 4-year-old girl’s death
Aunt accused of suffocating 4-year-old girl intentionally to death in Porterville
Grandma of 4-year-old homicide victim says aunt who allegedly suffocated child has mental issues
Girl’s aunt accused of suffocating her, and the family doesn’t know how it could happen
Family grieves over toddler’s death in court
Accused aunt of murdered 4-year-old enters “not guilty” plea


Jacket #: 17-00006580
Date of Birth: 12/20/1996

Booking Date: 04/04/2017 at 3:44 PM
Arresting Agency: P’VILLE PD
Bail/Bond Amount: $0

Court Date: 05/05/2017 at 08:30 AM
Court: SC-PV17

Release Date: 00/00/0000

Counts: 1
Charge: PC187(A)-MURDER

Parents Gone Wild! Paul Darell Jones and his girlfriend, Latoya Williams-Miley, charged with the murder of his 13-year-old son, Aaron

Aaron Jones

Decayed body found in southeast Las Vegas raises questions
Las Vegas police suspect body was that of teen boy
Father booked on murder count in death of missing 13-year-old son
Father of missing Las Vegas boy booked on murder charge
Woman charged in murder of 13-year-old stepson Aaron Jones
Arrest report reveals father confessed to murder of 13-year-old son
NV – Aaron Jones, 13, Las Vegas, 14 April 2017 **Arrest**
Father, Girlfriend Face Murder Charge in 13-Year-Old’s Death
Report: Father confessed to causing son’s death



Deadly Duo: Andrew Fiacco and Eevette McDonald charged with the murder and dismemberment of Stephen C. McAfee

Stephen McAfee

Remains of missing Macomb teen found in grave, arrest made
Human remains found in Ray Township identified as Stephen McAfee; 2 charged with multiple felonies
Remains of missing Detroit-area teen found in grave, arrest made
Body parts of missing person found buried in shallow grave, police say
2 teens in custody in death of Macomb Twp. man
Couple accused in killing, dismemberment of missing Michigan man
Gruesome details emerge during suspects’ arraignments in Stephen McAfee murder
2 Charged After Body Parts Found Buried In Northern Macomb County
Two suspects charged in murder of missing man Stephen McAfee

Andrew Fiacco and Eevette McDonald

Crime Watch Daily: Should Daniel Holtzclaw get a new trial?



Special Episode Explores the Headline-Making Case That Shook the Nation

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (April 27, 2017) — Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen is devoting a special in-depth episode to the headline-making case of Daniel Holtzclaw, a former Oklahoma City police officer who was sentenced to 263 years in prison for 18 counts related to sexual assault, including rape. Prosecutors argue that Holtzclaw is a predator who used the power of his badge to prey on poor women of color who likely wouldn’t report their assaults. Holtzclaw’s defense attorneys argue that Holtzclaw did not receive a fair trial. Some of their arguments include: First, the prosecution made what the defense says was a grievous error in their misrepresentation of the DNA found on Holtzclaw’s pants; Second, the jury failed to look at each count against Holtzclaw separately; Third, the circus atmosphere during the trial denied him the right to a fair trial; Fourth, his sentence is excessive and unconstitutional. In this special episode of Crime Watch Daily, famed television host Nancy Grace joins Chris Hansen as a special contributor to dissect the Holtzclaw case.

For more, tune in to Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen on Friday, April 28.

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