Monsters Among Us: Adolph Hotelling kidnapped and killed 5-year-old Dorothy Schneider in 1928

Dorothy Schneider

Girl Murdered
Schneider murderer believed in Ludington
One arrest in the Schneider case
Middle Aged Man Confesses To Murder of Schneider Child
Elder of church admits killing 5 year old girl
Dreaming of a Murder
Slayer of Dorothy Schneider, Confesses to Brutal Crime
Kidnapper is hazy
Confessed slayer of girl is apprehended
Judge regrets inability to give death penalty
Murderer of girl is given life sentence
Adolph Hotelling is in poor health
Genesee County v Pailthorpe 1929
Find-A-Grave: Harold J Lotridge
Excerpt from “Destiny and Decision: The Molding of a Minister in the Twentieth Century”

Adolph Hotelling

Parents Gone Wild! Keith Thibeault killed his 2-month-old son, Everette James Thibeault; Sentenced to LWOP

Everette James Thibeault

Everette James Thibeault obituary
Find-A-Grave: Everette James Thibeault
Autopsy done in Portland twin’s death
Thibeault arrested in felony murder of twin son
Portland father facing felony charges in death of 3-month-old twin son
Michigan Man Charged In March Death Of Infant
Michigan man convicted in 2012 death of infant
Ionia County jury finds Portland man guilty of murdering his 3-month-old twin son
Portland man’s guilty verdict stands in baby twin’s death
Ionia County father gets life in prison for killing his 3-month-old
Ionia County father gets life in prison for killing his 3-month-old
Man who killed 3-month-old denied a new trial after claiming prosecutor mocked his defense


MDOC Number: 881975
SID Number: 4240611X
Racial Identification: White
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 160 lbs.
Date of Birth: 04/03/1985 (32)

Current Status: Prisoner Earliest Release Date: LIFE
Assigned Location: Lakeland Correctional Facility
Maximum Discharge Date: LIFE
Security Level: II

Tattoo- Back Right Shoulder – Tatoo of sons’ footprint with his date of birth and date of passing

Monsters Among Us: Stanley Barton Hoss Jr.

Patrolman Joseph Paul Zanella, 25 [9/19/1969 Verona, PA]
Karen Malgott (survived)no picture
Linda Peugeot, 21 (admitted to killing her – body never found) [9/22/1969 LeVale, MD]
Lori Mae Peugeot, 2 (admitted to killing her – body never found) [9/22/1969 LeVale, MD]
Capt. Walter Lee Peterson (guard at prison) [12/10/1973 Pittsburg, PA]

Find-A-Grave: Joseph P. Zanella
Officer Down Memorial Page: Police Officer Joseph Paul Zanella
Find-A-Grave: Capt Walter L Peterson
Officer Down Memorial Page: Captain Walter Lee Peterson
The Doe Network: Linda and Lori Peugeot
The Charley Project: Linda Peugeot
Cold Case Investigations group
Websleuths: Linda Peugeot, 21 and baby Lori Missing 22 Sept 1969 from LaVale, MD
Linda And Lori Peugeot, Kidnapped 1969 by Stanley Hoss
Stanley Hoss’ evil still haunts Valley
Stanley Hoss: A most wanted man
Find-A-Grave: Stanley Barton Hoss, Jr.
Book that details Stanley Hoss killing spree garners awards

Born to Lose: Stanley B. Hoss & the Crime Spree That Gripped a Nation

 Stanley Barton Hoss Jr.

Barron “Bookie” Victor Jr. murder 2/21/2000 Slidell, LA *Rapper McKinley “Mac” Phipps convicted, sentenced to 30 years in prison*

No Limit’s Mac indicted on murder charge
No Limit rapper Mac charged with first-degree murder
No Limit rapper’s manslaughter conviction questioned by investigation, website reports
Years after rapper was convicted for killing, questions raised about his case
Convicted St. Tammany rapper’s parents plead for a new trial for their son
No Limit rapper who maintains his innocence applies for clemency in murder conviction
Fiancée Of Slain Man Says Ex-No Limit Rapper Mac Is Innocent
See For Yourself: Bodyguard Confesses To Club Shooting That Sent Rapper To Prison
Wikipedia: Mac (rapper)
Crime Watch Daily investigates the murder conviction of rising rapper Mac Phipps
Facebook: McKinkley ‘MAC’ Phipps, Jr

Reasonable Doubt: Southern Justice


Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 39
Location: Elayn Hunt Correctional Center
Race: African American
Contact Facility: Louisiana Department of Corrections

Kids That Kill: Simeon Raheem Adams shot & killed Nathan Trapuzzano during a mugging after attempting to kill another person, Erick Bell Douglas, two days before; Sentenced to 67 years in prison

Nathan Trapuzzano

Find-A-Grave: Nathan Benjamin Trapuzzano
Senseless killing: A shocking death, a remarkable life
The Nathan Trapuzzano Memorial Foundation
Trapuzzano widow: ‘I don’t want any other family to suffer’
Jennifer’s blog (her victim impact statement is there, too)
Teen arrested in Nathan Trapuzzano slaying
Trapuzzano’s wife, family speak after arrest
Criminal history traces teen’s path to murder arrest
Teen pleads guilty to Trapuzzano murder
Simeon Adams: 18-year-old pleads guilty in 2014 murder of dad-to-be[
Sister of Nathan Trapuzzano on plea deal: ‘justice system didn’t work’
Convicted murderer Simeon Adams gets 12 years in prior shooting
Simeon Adams sentenced to 12 years in shooting, adding to existing 55-year sentence
Teen sentenced to 55 years for murder of father-to-be
16-Year-Old Simeon Adams Sentenced to 55 Years for Robbery and Felony Murder in 2014 IN Shooting Death of Nathan Trapuzzano
Teen who killed Trapuzzano: ‘I’m coming home’
Under the Gun: Tracking One Deadly Crime Spree

See No Evil: The Long Walk Home


DOC Number 249615
First Name SIMEON
Middle Name
Last Name ADAMS
Date of Birth 05/03/1997
Gender Male
Race Black
Facility/Location Wabash Valley Level 3 Facility
Earliest Possible Release Date 10/08/2047

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 10/13/2015
Term in Years / Months / Days 12 00 00000
Type of Conviction FB
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-2-6
Cause Number 49G03-1404-FA-018213
County of Conviction MARION
Projected Release Date 10/08/2047

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 10/13/2015
Term in Years / Months / Days 01 00 00000
Type of Conviction MA
Indiana Citation Code 35-47-2-1
Cause Number 49G03-1404-FA-018213
County of Conviction MARION
Projected Release Date 04/08/2042

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 07/24/2015
Description MURDER
Term in Years / Months / Days 55 00 00000
Type of Conviction M
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-1-1
Cause Number 49G03-1404-MR-018217
County of Conviction MARION
Projected Release Date 10/07/2041

Parents Gone Wild! James Lee Saltmarshall charged with the sexual assault and murder of his 8-month-old daughter, Janiyah *Charges dropped*

Janiyah Saltmarshall

**Update 4/27/2017** Bond for James Saltmarshall has been lowered and he is being released. Something is up. I think there is a problem with the evidence and something with the child’s mother. I will post when I hear more.

Father accused in death, sexual assault of Inkster infant
Inkster infant allegedly killed by father identified
Detroit Man Charged in 8 month old Infants Death in Inkster Motel
Detroit father accused of sexually assaulting, killing infant
New information emerges in death of 8-month-old girl in Inkster motel
Grandmother of 8-month-old allegedly raped and killed by dad says system failed
Father Possibly Setup by Mother of Baby Girl Killed in Inkster Motel
Dad charged in murder, sex assault of 8-month-old released after bond change
Dad charged with sexual assaulting, murdering infant daughter freed on bond
Charges dropped in death of Inkster infant
Case dismissed against man charged with murder, sexual assault of 8-month-old in Inkster


Next court date: 4/26/2017

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