Parents Gone Wild! Jamie Basinger charged in the freezing death of her 3-year-old son Landyn Melton while she was apparently using meth

Landyn Melton

Melton, Landyn obituary
Toddler found dead on porch after wandering from NC home identified
Family IDs 3-year-old NC boy found dead on front porch of home
Mother arrested after 3-year-old boy froze to death on porch
Toddler found on porch in Burke County laid to rest
Autopsy Shows No Signs Of Trauma On 3-Year-Old Found Dead At Burke County Home
Toddler freezes to death after wandering outside home
Mother of 3-year-old found dead on front porch charged


Race / Sex: WHITE / FEMALE
Arrest Date: 3/19/2015
Release Date:
Next Court Date: 5/15/2017

Docket#: 17CRS000672
Bond Amount: SECURED $100,000

2 Responses

  1. Imagine how long the little tyke was on the porch, no doubt calling out for mommy to let him in. How long he sat slowly freezing to death, hours trying get to reach the screen door handle. All the while his mommy is high on method oblivious to where he child was. Why isn’t mommy coming to get me? Mommy I am cold. I will be a good boy.
    I don’t know what the woman feels. She,may love her child very much and be devastated at causing his slow death. I hope so. I hope it is a wakeup call that she answers and commits to getting sober.


    • I hope so, too. Not sure how to feel on this one. Obviously the police don’t think she was malicious, as they charged her with manslaughter, not murder. So, hopefully she will wake up and get help. She does not want this to ever happen again.


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