Monsters Among Us: Joaquin Shadow Rams, Sr convicted of killing his 15-month-old son, indicted for killing an ex-girlfriend, Shawn Katrina Mason, and is suspected of killing his mother, Alma Collins

Shawn Katrina Mason, 22 [3/2003]
Alma Collins, [2008] (no picture)
Prince Elias McLeod Rams, 15 months [10/2012]

Find-A-Grave: Shawn Katrina Mason
Rest In Peace Shawn Katrina Mason (GREAT post)
Joaquin Shadow Rams accused of killing Shawn Mason
Man indicted in 2003 slaying
Va. Toddler’s Death Prompts Reviews of 2 Other Deaths
Joaquin Rams, accused of murdering son, claimed in life insurance policy that boy’s mother had died
Va. judge orders details on informers
Virginia father convicted of murdering baby son for life insurance
Va. father found guilty of murdering baby son for life insurance
Virginia father convicted of murdering baby son for life insurance
Virginia father convicted of killing infant son for life insurance money

Joaquin Shadow Rams, Sr

Deadly Girlfriends: Rachael Christina Hilyard charged with the murder of Micki Lyn Davis, the grandmother of her ex-boyfriend

Micki Lyn Davis

Micki Lyn Davis obituary
Micki Davis: a Wichita woman who nurtured so many
One dead in suspected homicide in southwest Wichita
Woman found dead in southwest Wichita was decapitated, police say
Wichita woman jailed in decapitation of ex-boyfriend’s mother
Woman arrested in Sunday homicide, victim identified
‘I think someone is trying to kill my grandma,’ boy said at door
Wichita woman charged in decapitation of ex-boyfriend’s mother
Decapitation suspect makes first appearance in court
Decapitation suspect had led a troubled life
Kansas Woman Accused of Decapitating Ex-Boyfriend’s Mother During Altercation


Psycho For Love: Michael David Lissy hired David Wilson to kill his wife, Kathryn Martini-Lissy, for her insurance

Kathryn Martini-Lissy

Two held in killing
Third suspect sought
Lissy charmed way into victim’s life (part 1)
Lissy (part 2)
Prosecution accuses Lissy of ‘pure and simple greed’ (part 1)
Lissy (part 2)
Attorney makes bid to suppress
Lane murder conviction upheld
Lissy: murder plots only a game (part 1)
Lissy (part 2)
Lissy not psychotic (part 1)
Lissy (part 2)
State of Oregon v Gretchen Marie Schumacher 1986
State of Oregon v Michael David Lissy 1987
Parents sue for insurance
One dead, one injured in pedestrian crash
Facebook: Water Under the Bridge
Facebook: Gretchen Schumacher

Murder in Room 305

The Perfect Murder: Hotel Homicide
Mystery at the Valley River Inn

Michael David Lissy – convicted, sentenced to life in prison; paroled April 2014
David Dean Wilson – pled guilty, sentenced to life in prison; paroled in the 1990s
Gretchen Marie Schumacher- pled guilty, sentenced to 20 years in prison; released

Psycho For Love: Skylar Nemetz convicted of manslaughter in the death of his wife, Danielle Rippeon-Nemtez; Sentenced to 13 1/2 years in prison

Danielle Rippeon-Nemetz

Danielle Rippeon-Nemetz obituary
Find-A-Grave: Tarrah Danielle Rippeon Nemetz
Facebook: Justice for Danielle Rippeon
Facebook: In loving memory of Danielle Nemetz
JBLM soldier charged with murder in wife’s death
Trial underway for former Lakewood soldier accused of fatally shooting wife
Former JBLM soldier charged with murdering his wife testifies it was an accident
Former soldier accused of murdering his wife takes the stand
Family of Danielle Nemetz speaks out as her husband’s murder trial moves to jury deliberation
Former JBLM soldier guilty of manslaughter in death of wife
Jury reaches verdict in Skylar Nemetz murder trial
Former JBLM soldier sentenced to almost 14 years in fatal shooting of wife
WA – Tarrah ‘Danielle’ Nemetz, 19, murdered, Lakewood, 16 Oct 2014
What led to the shooting of Danielle Nemetz?
Case of former JBLM soldier who killed his wife to be featured on “48 Hours”

48 Hours: The Soldier’s Wife


DOC Number: 389979
Age: 22
Race: White
Location: Coyote Ridge Corrections Center

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