Parents Gone Wild! Nicole and Joseph Finn are charged in the starvation death of their daughter, Natalie, and also of neglect for their other children

Natalie Finn

This is a shameful, inexcusable situation. These parents let their children go without any food or water for many reasons. And often, as well. The children resorted to begging, when they could get out of the house. Joseph at some point nailed boards over the windows so that the children could not get out. When they went to school, they were smelly, unbathed and wearing the same dirty clothes over and over again. I cannot even fathom that. Why on earth would you do that? Why would you starve your children or not give them medical attention? These children were not just abused, but they were tortured. They were held in a home that smelled of feces and urine (human and animal). These two are not just disgraceful excuses of parents, but they are disgraceful “human beings”. There are many things that I would prefer to call them, but I leave my potty mouth at home when I am on here. But I am sure many of you would agree. I hope the other two children will be okay. I am so sorry that it took the death of this beautiful 16-year-old girl for someone to do something.

16-year-old West Des Moines girl died of starvation
Iowa parents arrested in teen daughter’s starvation to death
Parents Charged in Connection to Death of 16 Year-Old West Des Moines Girl
Starved teen found in diaper on linoleum floor, records reveal
Adopted girl dies after life in most horrific circumstances imaginable
Parents facing charge after Iowa 16-year-old found starved to death
Teen, siblings were tortured by parents, court documents say
Neighbor: Iowa agency never followed up on complaint of starving child
Search warrant reveals new details in Natalie Finn case
Lawmaker: Case workers didn’t take abuse reports seriously before teen starved
Iowa: Nicole Finn ran an animal rescue while she tortured and starved her daughter to death, say court records. (VERY good article)

Nicole Marie Finn
Joseph Michael Finn


Offender/Name ID 282225
Book Date 12/8/2016 9:11 AM
Age 42
Height 5′ 06″
Weight 130
Race White
Sex Female
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown


Offender/Name ID 176759
Book Date 12/8/2016 9:55 AM
Age 46
Height 6′ 02″
Weight 270
Race White
Sex Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown

4 Responses

  1. Sick people they should die in filth n starved how do u do you do that some parents need criminal background checks.


  2. So true wat u wrote😢it breaks my heart when i read this article, sad😂no one knowest wat was happening in the house ,kids were been abused,they deserved to be locked up in jail the same way they did to those innocent souls poor angels the pain they suffer,,thk you once again for your article, lov reading ur blog.i follow you on fb n twitter


  3. The scumbag had the nerve to say her daughter was “a troubled teenager”. Who the hell wouldn’t be “troubled”, living in that horrible environment?!


  4. You’re right, Bonnie; the article from the Four Legged Friends and Enemies blog is a good one. Do you have any idea when Natalie was adopted by Nicole Finn (aka the spawn of Satan)? I didn’t see it in that article, but I could have missed it; I’ll check out the others. This story makes me sick with anger…i can’t stop thinking of her younger sisters trying to help her, trying to feed her while they were watching her die before their very eyes.


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