Psycho For Love: Robert Lee Myers hired a hitman to kill his wife, Mary Ruth Myers; Sentenced to life in prison

dv awareness

Mary Ruth Myers

Silver Run Woman Is Murdered
Maryland v Robert Lee Myers (GREAT website, has many articles and pictures)
I’m Not Really Guilty
Carroll’s longest murder trial has lasting impact
Myers murder alters the lives of two families
Bobby Myers, found guilty in Carroll’s longest murder trial case, dies
Robert Lee Myers v State of Maryland 1983 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Daniel Lee Chadderton v State of Maryland 1982 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Female trooper: hard road to a hard job

Robert Lee Myers – convicted, sentenced to life in prison, died in prison 1/12/2014
Daniel L. Chadderton – convicted, sentenced to life in prison,
Ernestine ‘Tina’ Marco-Myers – given immunity for her testimony

Robert and Tina Myers



First Name: DANIEL
Middle Name: LEE
Date of Birth: 06/26/1950
DOC ID: 162459
Holding Facility:
Maryland Correctional Institution-Hagerstown
Address: 18601 Roxbury Rd., Hagerstown, MD 21746
Phone: 877-229-1351

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