Deadly Duo: John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo killed 17 people in the D.C. Sniper attacks


Keenya Nicole Cook, 21 [2/16/2002 Tacoma, WA]
Jerry Taylor, 60 [3/18/2002 Tucson, AZ]
John Gaeta, 50 [8/1/2002 Hammond, LA] (survived)
Paul LaRuffa, 55 [9/5/2002 Clinton, MD] (survived)
Million A. Waldemariam, 41 [9/21/2002 Atlanta, GA] (no picture)
Claudine Lee Parker, 52 [9/21/2002 Montgomery, AL]
Kellie Adams, 24 [9/21/2002 Montgomery, AL] (survived)
Hong Im Ballenger, 45 [9/23/2002 Baton Rouge, LA]
James Martin, 55 [10/2/2002 Wheaton, MD]
James L. Buchanan, 39 [10/3/2002 Rockville, MD]
Premkumar Walekar, 54 [10/3/2002 Aspen Hill, MD]
Sarah Ramos, 34 [10/3/2002 Norbeck, MD]
Lori Ann Lewis-Rivera, 25 [10/3/2002 Kensington, MD]
Pascal Charlot, 72 [10/3/2002 Washington, DC]
Caroline Seawell, 42 [10/4/2002 Spotsylvania, VA] (survived)
Iran Brown, 13 [10/7/2002 Bowie, MD] (survived)
Dean Harold Meyers, 53 [10/9/2002 Prince William County, VA]
Kenneth Bridges, 53 [10/11/2002 Spotsylvania, VA]
Linda Franklin, 47 [10/14/2002 Fairfax County, VA]
Jeffrey Hopper, 37 [10/19/2002 Ashland, VA] (survived)
Conrad Johnson, 35 [10/22/2002 Aspen Hill, MD]

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John Allen Muhammad



SEX: Male
RACE: Black
VADOC RELEASE DATE: Multiple Life Sentences
LOCATION: Red Onion State Prison

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