Murder In The Family: Charles Fuss killed his mom, Jackie Fuss, with an ax; Sentenced to 10 years to life in prison

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From Charles Fuss’ appeal: The victim was Fuss’s mother. Fuss did not deny committing the homicide and robbery, but raised insanity as a defense. According to the State’s evidence, Fuss, who has a history of mental illness, was angry with his mother and methodically planned to kill her. He hid an ax in his bedroom and, when his mother came to assist him with the cleaning, he asked her to look under his bed. As she complied with this request, Fuss retrieved the ax and struck a fatal blow to her head. He then cleaned the ax and returned it to its original location. After stealing money from his mother’s purse, Fuss took a taxi to a local bar. The next morning, he began hitchhiking to California. He traveled only as far as Arkansas, where he voluntarily surrendered to police and gave incriminating statements. A psychologist called by the defense testified that, in his opinion, Fuss was legally insane at the time he killed his mother and stole her money. However, the State produced its own expert who testified to the contrary opinion.

Charles Fuss v State of Georgia 1999

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