Caught on Tape! One Family Claims an Intoxicated Doctor Caused Permanent Nerve Damage to Their Son

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (November 30, 2016) — Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen investigates Dr. Frank DeLee who, the Sims family claims, was intoxicated when he delivered their baby after talking about drinking, and caused permanent nerve damage to his arm. The birth of Jared Sims was recorded on a cellphone video where the doctor, who was allegedly barefoot and in shorts, can be heard saying, “We were at Tommy Bahama’s” and telling nurses that he had to pour out his tequila to attend the delivery. “When he passed by…I said, ‘Ohhh, I smell alcohol’,” claims the baby’s grandmother, Sheree Crenshaw-Sims. “The nerves in Jared’s right side were stretched out when he was coming out of the birth canal from the way he was pulled…It caused nerve damage in his right side. He has limited mobility, range of motion,” alleges his mother, Alexandria Sims. Crime Watch Daily correspondent Ana Garcia catches up with Dr. DeLee, who says, “If you see the whole tape you’ll see a different story.” The Sims family is suing the doctor, delivery room nurses, and hospital for malpractice and negligence. The hospital and Dr. DeLee deny their allegations and counter-claim that Alexandria is to blame, citing “negligence and carelessness” by “fail[ing] to mitigate the damages” in her own care for the infant and “assumed risks” involved in childbirth.

For more, tune in to Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen on Thursday, December 1.

Watch here: Preview
Interviewed in order of appearance: baby’s aunt, Dana Crenshaw, baby’s grandmother, Sheree Crenshaw-Sims, and baby’s mother, mother, Alexandria Sims.

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