Murder In The Family: Neil & Stewart Woodman had their parents, Gerald & Vera Woodman, murdered so they could inherit their money

Vera and Gerald Woodman

A Family Torn Asunder
Son Convicted in the ‘Ninja Murders’
Man Testifies He and Brother Hired 2 to Execute Parents in Brentwood
2nd Son Convicted of Parents’ Murder for Hire
Killer to Testify Against Brother
Confession turns brothers’ murder case into Cain-and-Abel tale
Jury Convicts Brothers in Murder of Couple
Man Sentenced in 1985 Slaying of Parents
Former Extrusion firm co-owner sentenced for parents’ murder
Supreme Court Upholds Death Sentence for ‘Ninja’ Killer
The People of the State f California v Steven Homick 2012 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Hit man in ‘Yom Kippur murders’ dies of natural causes on death row
Murder LA 000028
United States of America v Neil Woodman, Robert Thomas Homick, and Steven Michael Homick 1993
Wikipedia: Murders of Gerald and Vera Woodman
When it comes to killers, looks can be deceiving
Anthony Joseph Majoy v Ernest C Roe 2002
Anthony Joseph Majoy v Ernest C Roe 2009

Family Blood: The True Story of The Yom Kippur Murders

Bloodlines: Murder in the Family
Murder by the Book: Faye Kellerman 2
Evil Kin: Like Father, Like Sons

Stewart Woodman and Steven Homick

Stewart Woodman – convicted, sentenced to LWOP (died while in prison)
Neil Woodman – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Robert Homick – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Steven Homick – convicted, sentenced to death (died while in prison)
Anthony Joseph Majoy – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Michael Dominguez – pled guilty, sentenced to 25 years to life in prison



CDCR#: K06911
Age: 73
Admission Date: 5/10/1996
Current Location: Mule Creek



CDCR#: J07365
Age: 65
Admission Date: 02/02/1994
Current Location: Solano

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