Mass Murder: Opal Juanita Collins killed her in-laws when they would not move out of her home

dv awareness

Julia Collins, 48
Benjamin Collins Jr, 28
Martha Ann Collins, 14
Mary Sue Collins, 11

Wife Admits Killing Paraplegic Husband
She’ll die in chair
Woman to be executed
Death Sentence Charge Doubted
Opal Collins v State of Indiana 1981
Only One Woman Hits Sparing of Opal’s Life
Woman slayer of 4 guarded to balk suicide
Death penalty debate? Ask Opal Collins

Murders in the United States

Deadly Women: Killer-in-Laws

Opal Collins

3 Responses

  1. Any idea when she died?

  2. This woman is my great aunt parts of the story that was published is not true. She told my grandmother why she did it and it’s a bit different from what was written.

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