Monsters Among Us: Arbie Dean Williams kidnapped, raped and then killed 15-year-old Linda Strait

Linda Strait

Girl’s body found; apparent murder (part 1)
Girl’s body(part 2)
Death of city girl believed homicide
Slaying of teen-ager shocks classmates
Linda Strait case proberts study letter from ‘eyewitness’
DNA ties kidnapper to killing (part 1)
DNA evidence: Suspect responded to ruse (part 2)
Man charge in teenager’s 1982 strangulation
Judge sets bail of $1 million on suspect
Williams pleads guilty to killing Linda Strait in 1982
After 24 years, Strait murder resolved
Murder Suspect Sentenced To 20 Years
Man gets 20 years for raping and killing 15-year-old girl in 1982
Linda Strait Murder – Spokane 1982
Missing children: Unsolved and solved Northwest cases
The Cold Cases That Were Solved By Modern DNA Evidence

Swamp Murders: Shoeprints in the Mud



DOC Number: 228108
Offender Name: WILLIAMS, ARBIE D
Age: 73
Race: White
Location: Monroe Correctional Complex-TRU

One Response

  1. Let’s hope he serves every day of 20 years, until he is in his 80’s or dead.

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