Monsters Among Us: Thomas Laneal Sims charged with capital murder for the burning death of 85-year-old Gene Emory Dacus

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Gene Emory Dacus
Gene Emory Dacus

‘Somebody burned up Mr. Gene’ — Community struggles with murder of beloved war veteran
85-year-old man found burned to death, suspect seen running away with gas can
Teen neighbor charged with capital murder in slaying of burned elderly veteran
Teen accused of lighting 85-year-old on fire, killing him
Teen accused of lighting 85-year-old on fire, killing him
Birmingham police charge teen with capital murder in death of 85-year-old
Teen charged in burning death of elderly man; police searching for second suspect
‘Evil at its finest’: Teenager charged in killing, burning of 85-year-old Korean War vet
Teen charged with capital murder after lighting elderly veteran on fire


Thomas Sims

Inmate Summary – SIMS, THOMAS LANEAL

Demographic Information

Global Subject Number 883587
Address BIRMINGHAM, Alabama 35207
Photo 12Y0FQX38/19/2016 9:23 AM
Booking History


Booking Date 8/18/2016 5:19 PM
Release Date
Prisoner Type Pretrial Inmate
Housing Facility Jefferson County Jail – Birmingham
Total Bond Amount No Bond
Total Bail Amount

Offense Date: 8/17/2016
Attempt/Commit: Commit

One Response

  1. We hold most atrocious those violent acts perpetrated against the young and the old, the disabled and those who cannot defend themselves. The young man who is charged with the murder has thrown his life away and become a pariah to us who know what he is charged with doing. I cannot imagine a jury, if convicting him as charged, recommending anything other than a death sentence or Life without the possibility of parole. He has set in stone how he will exist for the rest of his life.

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