Deadly Duo: Maria Teresa Ceja Robles and Jose Augustine Velarde killed Ana Lila Diaz De Ceja and then kidnapped her 2-month-old son, Anthony Ceja-Diaz; Both sentenced to prison

Ana De Ceja and Anthony
Ana Lila Diaz De Ceja

Planada family welcomes home baby
Police Arrest Couple in Baby-Snatching and Murder Case; Ana Diaz de Ceja`s body found burned, baby returned to father.
Couple Pleads Not Guilty to Mom Murder, Kidnapping Baby
Merced County murder, kidnap suspects pitted against each other
Maria Ceja and Jose Velarde guilty of murder, kidnapping
Planada couple sentenced in murder, kidnapping case
Maria Ceja and Jose Velarde get maximum sentence in murder, kidnapping case
The People of The State of California v Jose Augustine Velarde 2016 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
The People of the State of California v Maria Ceja 2016 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
CA – Ana De Ceja, 26, slain, infant son abducted, Planada, 2 Dec 2010
Ana Diaz De Ceja: Hispanic mother kidnapped, killed, found burning in orchard by baby snatchers, Maria Teresa Ceja Robles, Jose Velarde on ‘Killer Instinct’

Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen: A Kid To Kill For

Maria Teresa Ceja Robles – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Jose Augustine Velarde – convicted, sentenced to 27 years to life in prison


Teresa Robles

CDCR#: WE7274
Age: 39
Admission Date: 08/16/2013
Current Location: Womens Facility


Jose Velarde

CDCR#: AR1099
Age: 42
Admission Date: 08/22/2013
Current Location: Chino

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