Walter H. Scott murder 1/8/1977 Ocala, FL *Three men, Ray Taylor, Paul Allen and William Claybourne Taylor charged; William Taylor finally back in custody*

remembering the victims

Walter H. Scott
Eugene T. Bailey (intended victim, survived)

Murder Suspect Seeks Bond Reduction
Second Man Charged in 1977 Murder (part 1)
Murder (part 2)
‘Last Person I Would Have Suspected’, Says Bailey Of Murder Probe Arrest
Murder Defendant’s Wife Testifies
I didn’t plan ambush murder, ex-prosecutor tells Ocala jury
Ex-prosecutor’s trial on murder charges nears end
Former prosecutor found guilty of ambush murderkji98i
5th District Turns Down Ray Taylor Appeal For New Trial In Murder Case
Judge Edwards to hear Taylor re-trial (part 1)
Judge Edwards will hear Taylor re-trial (part 2)
Witness Relates taped Conversation Between Taylors (part 1)
Taylor (part 2)
Convicted killer may see trial for wife’s murder (part 1)
Former Ocala attorney may face trial for wife’s 1967 drowning
Tv Show To Ask Help In Tracking Suspect
13 Years Later, Taylor Pleads Guilty In Death
Death May Hamper Taylor Prosecution
FBI Wanted Poster: William Claybourne Taylor
A mystery, 36 years later
FBI Murder Suspect Captured After Decades as Fugitive William Claybourne Taylor Located in North Carolina
Man wanted in FBI murder case captured in Reidsville after decades as fugitive
Fugitive wanted in 1977 Fla. murder nabbed in N.C.
FBI arrests man wanted in killing of immigration official in Florida 40 years ago
FBI arrests Reidsville man in 39-year-old Florida homicide

Taylor brothers

Raymond Ellis Taylor Jr – pled guilty, sentenced to 25 years in prison (has been released); [1st conviction overturned] (picture 1980)
William Claybourne Taylor – pictures 1976 and 2016; in jail finally
Paul Allen (getaway driver) [deceased] pled guilty, sentenced to 15 years probation (no picture)

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