Dunce’s Corner: Brandy Teague killed her 3-year-old daughter, Carlee Ramirez, while driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol; Sentenced to 13 years in prison

stand up for children

Carlee Ramirez
Carlee Ramirez

Heartbroken Father Mourns Toddler Killed in Crash: “She Was Everything”
Carlee Ramirez killed, DUI mother arrested
Child dies in El Cajon crash; mom suspected of DUI
Mother to stand trial in DUI death of 3-year-old
Mother convicted in DUI crash that killed daughter, 3
Mom Convicted in DUI Death of Daughter, 3, Could Face 16 Years
Mom convicted in DUI crash that killed 3-year-old daughter
Mom Whose Drugged Driving Killed Her 3-Year-Old Girl in El Cajon Crash Gets 13 Years in Prison
Prison for mom whose drugged driving killed 3-yr-old


Brandy Lee Teague

CDCR#: WF5210
Age: 32
Admission Date: 07/06/2016
Current Location: Womens Facility

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